MTV is Bringing Back the 90s With New Network (Watch)

Throwbacks are all the rage right now. And that’s what MTV is banking on with the launch of its new network, MTV Classic. The new network will play nothing but reruns of popular MTV shows from the 90s and early 2000s, like Beavis and Butthead, Daria, Total Request Live, MTV Unplugged and Laguna Beach.

And MTV isn’t the only company using nostalgia to get people’s attention. Nickelodeon also has a network dedicated to older shows. And Pokemon Go likely wouldn’t have been as popular without nearly 20 years of the Pokemon brand behind it.

Nostalgia can also be a big selling point for other types of brands. If people have fond memories of something from their past, they could buy something associated with it without much convincing from you. And in the case of MTV, playing reruns also means saving money on production costs.

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Using Nostalgic Marketing

Using nostalgia doesn’t mean you have to sell an actual product that’s old. You could find a way to associate your new product with something from the past. You could create a new spin on something older. Or you could even use a retro design in your marketing materials.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that your nostalgia is likely to bring back fond memories for people. And keep an eye on the trends. MTV’s move makes sense because everything from 90s music to 90s fashion is experiencing a resurgence.

When you look at using retro ideas for your next product, service or marketing campaign, make sure it’s from an era your audience can relate to. Otherwise you’ll be putting distance between you and your customers instead of bringing people together.

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  1. The 80’s made MTV not the 90’s….the 90’s is when it went to shit…so you are going to ruin a good channel…….well I guess David Gilmour from royal Albert hall is the last thing I will watch on VH 1 CLASSIC…..AND YOU WILL FIND THERE ARE A LOT OF US THAT FEEL THE SAME WAY…I GUESS THE ORIGINAL MTV IS DEAD FOR EVER…WHAT A SHAME

  2. I like MTV back then. But the lok is really old. They need to upgrade the design if they want it to appeal to the new audience.

  3. Nostalgic marketing works. This is the reason why pokemon Go is so popular. It works with nostalgia.

  4. Bringing back the millenials’ childhood memories can get them to buy a product or service. It has been working across different brands.