3 Organizational Agility Lessons from a Workforce Management Innovator

3 Organizational Agility Lessons from a Workforce Management Innovator

Over a million people use Mitrefinch Workforce Management Systems daily, a powerful enterprise-level workforce software solution supplied by Advance Systems. Advance Systems has been an innovator in workforce management for more than two decades, supplying some of the most innovative management solutions, including mobile time and attendance and biometric identification terminals. Their ability to keep up with changing technology and workplace trends, like telecommuting, is one reason why Advance Systems, Mitrefinch modules continues to dominate the industry while other competitors rise and fall. The Mitrefinch suite of products help combat common issues such as summer workforce scheduling nightmares.

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Advance Systems team. I wanted to know how they’ve managed to stay so agile and nimble as a company and continue to thrive in the face of changing workforce trends. I was also curious to learn more about which digital marketing strategies have been most effective in reaching new customers.

We discussed how cloud services and mobile are redefining their industry — and how they keep a competitive edge with digital marketing. I got the inside scoop on their most effective social media channels.

Here’s what the team had to say:

Q: How has attendance-tracking software changed over the years, especially with cloud services?

A: Modern attendance tracking software is far more flexible than its predecessors. Though these tools were once tied to expensive physical hardware, such as dedicated servers, they can now be installed on existing IT systems. This both reduces the cost of implementation and facilitates easier deployment management.

Cloud services also cater to a wider range of management strategies. For instance, today’s best attendance tracking apps provide oversight from mobile devices and make it easier to supervise telecommuters.

Q: What are the key benefits of attendance tracking software for small businesses? What about businesses with remote workers?

A: Small and medium-sized companies that deploy attendance-tracking software significantly enhance their management capabilities. They minimize time spent calculating payroll, processing absence requests and compiling attendance data.

Companies that rely on mobile and remote workforces save time and money with attendance software by letting their employees devise their own schedules via web-based platforms. They also foster a culture of accountability that combats absenteeism.

Q: How do you use digital marketing to get the word out about Advance Systems Inc.? How effective are PPC ads for your inbound strategy?

A: Advance Systems Inc. publishes a series of informative blogs on its own site and contributes guest posts to HR publications as part of a content-heavy outreach strategy. Our use of PPC ads is highly targeted to deliver marketing content to readers with the most likelihood of need, such as corporate decision-makers.

Q: Do you use social media? What sites are most effective for connecting with customers or generating leads?

A: Our company remains engaged via platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, Facebook and YouTube. We find that LinkedIn serves as an ideal setting for us to promote products and ideas that are of particular interest to HR managers and business leaders.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge businesses face with digital marketing? What do you know now that you wish you knew when you got started?

A: Digital marketing opens companies to interaction with a huge range of consumers. It demands refined strategies. New businesses should bear in mind that it is vital to hone their marketing techniques with traceable analytics and relevant KPIs. Learning consumer behavior online is key to any successful digital strategy. It enables targeted persona planning that is accurate and effective in an ever evolving digital landscape.

Bottom Line on Organizational Agility

After our fascinating conversation, three business lessons resonated the most with me:

  1. Make industry trends work for you. The rise of telecommuting has given birth to a mobile workforce, rendering many traditional time tracking solutions ineffective. Advance Systems stays on the forefront with innovative cloud-based solutions that power the remote workforce. Their cloud-based time tracking uniquely fosters a culture of accountability that combats absenteeism, one of the top concerns employers cite for telecommuting.
  2. Be active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn remains critical for finding B2B leads. Every small business needs a strategy in place to turn their LinkedIn business page into a lead generating machine. Thought leadership on LinkedIn’s Pulse platform is also important.
  3. Metrics matter. I tell my clients time and time again that any digital strategy is only as effective as the metrics they have in place to measure it! As the Advance System team underscored in our conversation, traceable analytics and relevant KPIs are key. There are hundreds and hundreds of metrics that a business can track. Identifying and tracking the right ones are a critical start. But what matters most is the ability to translate actionable intelligence from these metrics and further refine a marketing strategy.

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