Think Pokemon Go is Advanced? Here’s What’s Next (Watch)

Pokemon Go’s massive breakout popularity could propel some other tech companies into the world of augmented reality success. Microsoft’s HoloLens, for example, is an AR headset that could let users play games like Pokemon Go without having to actually look through a phone screen. And Microsoft is hoping that Pokemon fans can be convinced to take their interest in AR to the next level.

It’s true that AR specific devices like the HoloLens require consumers to purchase a whole separate device just for that purpose. Part of Pokemon Go’s success is that it was released as a free app on the smartphones that people already own. In addition, those AR headsets can get a little bulky and awkward to wear around in public.

Still, serious gamers might be willing to give those devices a try, especially if they want to take a step up from the really simplified version of AR used in Pokemon Go. If so, Pokmon Go can teach even small businesses an important lesson about getting customers to adopt a new product or service.

Make Product Adoption Easier for Faster Success

If you want massive adoption for a new product or concept, you need to make it easy for consumers. Pokemon Go met them where they already were – on their smartphones. Downloading a new app isn’t nearly as much of a leap as purchasing an expensive, bulky headset.

Once you’ve exposed tons of customers to your new product or service, it isn’t as hard to up sell them on accessories to add to the experience. In the same way Pokemon Go introduced an estimated 30 million new users to augmented reality possibly preparing some of them to take the next step. How could you make your product or service easier for customers to adopt? Take a lesson from Pokemon Go and the sky could be the limit.

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  1. Virtual reality is really here. Soon, we will be able to fight monsters in real time too.