Pyze Introduces Freemium Mobile Analytics for Everyone

Pyze Introduces Freemium Mobile Analytics for Everyone

Smartphones have made apps one of the most popular ways in which we engage with brands and each other. According to market researcher App Annie, the mobile app market could grow to $100 billion by 2020, but there is a great disparity between the top and bottom app publishers. Pyze, a business intelligence platform designed to empower mobile app publishers, looks to decrease that gap by providing the tools small app publishers need to increase their presence in this highly competitive marketplace.

In an interview with Small Business Trends, Prabhjot Singh, co-founder and President of Pyze, shared some insight as to why small app publishers are having a hard time making headway, and what his company’s solution can do to change all that.

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In essence, the small publishers are not well equipped, or as Singh puts it, “Simply ill-equipped to succeed.” His company wants to provide this under-served population by giving them access to the sophisticated, behavioral, intelligence-driven marketing, growth automation and personalization tools needed to compete with the dominant players in the industry. And it is doing that free of charge.


First, here are some numbers to highlight the disparity that exists between successful app publishers and those that are struggling. A minuscule 0.01 percent of app publishers make 80 percent of the top-grossing apps. And while the vast majority scrape to make an average of $500 per month, believe it or not, there are a select few that rake in over $1 million a day.

When you take into account the more than four million apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store, one of the most obvious question is, how can Pyze help app developers differentiate their product in a marketplace that is flooded with millions of applications?

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Pyze Growth Intelligence

Singh said, “Pyze Growth Intelligence enables app publishers to develop meaningful relationships to cultivate loyal uses, which is one of the most important goals, given the ever-increasing number of apps vying for users’ screen time. Pyze offers unmatched intelligence and marketing capabilities that automate user engagement at scale without the cost, effort and expertise required by other solutions.”

The Pyze Growth Intelligence platform allows app publishers, mobile marketers and data scientists to gain competitive advantage by understanding user clusters, trends, patterns and anomalies and to provide personalized engagement to users based on actions, behavior and usage milestones. This will maximize brand loyalty, revenue, engagement or desired business objectives.

The Pyze platform delivers these benefits with the following functionalities:

  • Intelligence Explorer uses machine learning and exploratory data science to allow app publishers to precisely target specific user sets through automated segmentation and real-time explorations across the entire user base. Other competitors require manual definition of segments for analysis. This approach does not scale to mobile.
  • Growth Automation enables work-flow and behavior driven automated engagement with each user to onboard, activate, engage and retain users throughout their lifetime. Other competitors require manual campaign creation and analysis.
  • Contextual Marketing determines the time and place each user will be most receptive to messages and utilizes usage patterns, context and other factors to deliver the right message at the right time. This is the most sophisticated contextual marketing capability of any solution in the market, the company claims.
  • Visual Intelligence delivers the metrics, predictions, real-time activity, cohorts, churn and automated event and screen funnel analysis businesses need for a comprehensive view of their apps. This lets you see the best time to engage with your customers by running an install or initiating a campaign.
  • Smart App Agent uses AI to eliminate the need for personally identifiable data collection by adapting to an environment, intelligently minimizing instrumentation and device resource consumption

Pyze Smart App Agent

Pyze is competing with the likes of Mixpanel, Localytics, Amplitude Analytics and others that charge thousands of dollars per month.  The company only has two pricing structures, the Game Changer with all the features mentioned above for free, and Enterprise, for $495 per month, which is significantly less than what the competition is charging.

The price point Pyze is offering gives small app publishers enterprise grade technology, which the company claims they are lacking and which Pyze claims would catapult them to the top when it comes to earnings. In addressing this point, Singh said:

“This is because the deck is stacked against the small app publisher — a phenomenon that occurs in many other industries as well, and thus all too familiar to the Small Business Trends community. The few app publishers whose apps dominate our screen time today have sophisticated big data platforms that ensure users stay sticky. They have deep pockets, which equals big data pipelines and highly paid data scientists who perform sophisticated behavioral targeting and retargeting of users to grow their apps. Without access to these tools or resources, the indie app developers are fighting an uphill battle.”

Since the Game Changer plan has everything you need, what could the value proposition of the Enterprise option be? Singh said the Enterprise version gives large app companies and enterprises back-end API access to import data into their systems, 24×7 support and advanced aggregation capabilities.

But more important to the small business community, the Enterprise version of the service creates a revenue source that allows Pyze to provide the Game Changer plan free to small publishers.

Pyze just came out of stealth mode with $1.7 million in funding from several investors. This undoubtedly will put some pressure on the company to start showing revenue.

Despite this however, Singh insisted the free Game Changer option will continue to have the same intelligence and marketing automation capabilities for the foreseeable future with no reduction. As for the Enterprise version, the company is developing even more advanced intelligence features that will be offered shortly.

Continuing with the free version, one of the few limitations of this plan is the data retention, which is 365 days for intelligence and 60 days for events. Regarding these limitations, Singh said, “We’ve found that the data retention limits for intelligence and events are sufficient for most apps. Once we are able to scale more, we may be able to increase these limits further.”  If users don’t upgrade to the premium plan, the data gets purged from Pyze’s servers after the time lapses.

Last but definitely not least the issue of security had to be addressed. So what measures has Pyze taken to ensure the security of the data from developers and users alike? Additionally, what type of availability can they expect in the event of a systems failure from the company’s side?

On the user side, Singh said all communication between a mobile device running a particular app and his company’s servers is secure and Pyze does not collect any personally identifiable information from users’ devices. Regarding the safety of the app developer’data, Singh added “Our servers are hosted on two different data centers using typical multi-tenant architecture, enabling us to maintain data security for each app publisher. Our system is fully redundant and we conduct daily data backups, just in case something does go wrong.”

If the company’s claims are true, small app publishers will now have access to the tools they need to compete in the growing app market.

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Michael Guta Michael Guta is the Assistant Editor at Small Business Trends and currently manages its East African editorial team. Michael brings with him many years of content experience in the digital ecosystem covering a wide range of industries. He holds a B.S. in Information Communication Technology, with an emphasis in Technology Management.

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  1. I think that mobile analytics in some of the popular tools that we know is limited. It is time that we have something like this. The best part is that it is free.

  2. Hi Aira,
    You are right. Pyze provides all of the tools small app publishers need compete. And as you said, the best part is the price, FREE.

  3. Even though it has the advantage of a free app, it looks really complicated to use. I own an e-commerce business and I work with a successful company in retargeting, that significantly boosted my marketing results. I recommend you work with professionals for the best outcomes.

    • @Dana it is relatively easy to use. I just installed it after reading your comment. Seems like you get a lot functionality by just initializing. I even added a custom event. I’ll try push and in-app targeting next.

  4. Hi Dana,
    I agree it helps to have a professional that knows what they are doing to get the best outcome. But for many app developers that do their own coding, the availability of the tools Pyze provides for free dramatically improves their chances of getting a larger audience.