Want a New Way to Make Friends? Tinder Has You Covered (Watch)

If you want to find a date for Friday night, you might try finding a match on Tinder. But now the popular dating app is adding a new feature that’s not just for singles.

Tinder Social is intended to help connect users with groups of friends for social activities, rather than just connecting individuals for dates. The regular dating service won’t change for those who just want to find their perfect match. But this new service does offer another option for a whole new market of consumers.

People in relationships or those who just want to find things to do without all the pressure of dating behind it could potentially take notice of this new feature. And even those who have already used Tinder to find that special someone could decide to sign back up or even just keep their accounts open thanks to Tinder Social.

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How Can You Turn One-Time Customers into Repeat Customers?

By design, dating services tend to lose users once they get into relationships. So offering a new way for people to use the app even after they’re happily in a relationship could be a way of generating more traffic — and ultimately more revenue for the dating service. Are there ways you can turn one-time customers into repeat customers in your business. After all, if a customer had a positive experience with your brand, why not find a way to strengthen that relationship and bring them back long term?

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  1. Fortunately I don’t have a need for Tinder, but this sounds like a cool way to become a hub for general social life, not just dating. I may check it out.

    • It definitely opens the brand up to a whole new group – including lots of people who probably never even thought about using it before!

  2. I used Tinder to expand my target audience for the business. So the idea of a social benefit is quite successful.