The 5 Most Sought-After Types of Content to Curate on Your Social Media Pages

The 5 Most Sought-After Types of Curated Content to Post on Your Social Media Pages

Most businesses underestimate the effectiveness of content curation. There is a lot you can accomplish by being the best content curator in a niche and being considered the best destination for information in that niche.

All advertising and marketing efforts on the internet are made with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to a business’s online presence. What most people overlook is that curated content is one of the best ways to attract the right audience, while also building valuable relationships along the way.

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The following is a list of five sought-after content types to curate on your business’s social media pages.

Effective Curated Content Examples

1. The Latest Content

Why do we come across the word ‘latest’ in brand communication so often? The latest designs, the latest technology, the latest trends and the latest news even.

Effective Curated Content Examples - The Latest Content

Human psychology dictates that people have a compulsive need to keep up, stay ahead and move faster into the future. Words like ‘latest’ strike a chord with that need.

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Further if your social media marketing strategy includes being useful to your social media audience (it should, ideally), sharing with them the latest information in your niche is the way to go.

By updating professionals on the latest happenings or with the latest content created in an industry, you are giving them a special advantage of using that information to raise the bar.

2. Actionable Guides

People seek actionable content because it helps them overcome an obstacle, learn a new skill or discover something previously unknown.

By providing them with that information, you’re enabling them to improve and get ahead. Do this with dedication, and they will thank you for it.

Action oriented content is not very hard to find, but when deciding what to share try to find something your audience doesn’t already know or is probably struggling to do.

Effective Curated Content Examples - Actionable Guides

You could set a keyword alert for questions using words in tandem with the keyword for your niche to identify what people are asking about in your industry.

3. Expert Opinions

Nothing compares to actual experience when it comes to real learning. Expert opinions are formed by years of work dedicated to an industry where each lesson learned comes at the cost of a failure.

A lot of experts share opinions and the basic tips and understanding that they have got about the industry, but few talk about their failures and how they overcame them openly.

Locate rare and useful interviews, blog posts, podcasts or videos and you will develop a loyal following from your social media audience.

You could source these by setting a key word alert for ‘expert + yourindustryname’ or by following the best blogs in your industry.

Effective Curated Content Examples - Expert Opinions

4. Content Resources

If you conduct a survey among executives belonging to different businesses on what they want to improve the most, at least half of them will say efficiency.

Being efficient is all about creating resources and knowing where they are when required.

Posts that list resources almost always do very well. With respect to your industry, you should be able to list at least 10 areas that require resources of some kind.

The generic ones are the best blogs to follow, the top sites to find high-quality images for commercial use, or a list of the best videos to watch on some subject.

You could experiment and create unique listicals.

Effective Curated Content Examples - Content Resources

5. Case Studies

When guiding your audience about doing something, it is best to illustrate your point with an example. The difference between a simple example and a case study is simply the numbers.

With an example you can show people what you’re trying to explain, but with case studies you are essentially proving to them that it works.

You could put together a case study, but this takes a lot of digging and effort. Instead, you can locate and share relevant case studies with your audience for their benefit.

But always give credit where it is due because putting case studies together is a lot of work.

Effective Curated Content Examples - Case Studies

That wraps up content types for curation. You could find more on this post, but it’s now your turn to put these ideas into practice. Once you start, stay consistent, and you will see a definite improvement in your social media engagement numbers.

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Jessica Davis Jessica Davis is a Content Strategy Specialist with Godot Media, a writing services firm. She has years of experience in working closely with online businesses, helping them refine their content marketing strategy.

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