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This Cybersecurity eBook Was So Popular It’s Been Turned Into a SlideShare

The Cybercrime Prevention Tips in this Ebook Were So Popular It's Been Turned Into a SlideShare

Believe it or not, the internet is still a mighty dangerous place.

Hackers are out to capture your data — and the data of your key clients. And being a small business may actually make you a bigger target. The perception by cybercriminals may be that with smaller size comes greater potential vulnerability, experts say.

Luckily, the ebook entitled “Tips to Protect Your Business From Cybercrime” sponsored by Microsoft, shares tips for protecting your website, safeguarding your financial information and creating good habits that will help you and your team protect  yourself online in the future. Download a free copy here:

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eBook Now Available on SlideShare

The eBook has more than 75 tips in all from experts to help you and your partners, clients and community keep websites, financial and other information secure. And it’s been  so popular thus far we decided to make it available on SlideShare (below.) So you can now share it easily with your network on social media, on your blog or anywhere else you can embed content.

A Sample of the Cybercrime Prevention Tips

Finally here are a few of the cybersecrity tips you will find in this eBook.

Cybersecurity is About the Little Things

Everett Sizemore of Inflow explains, “It’s not about doing one thing. It’s about many basic things, like keeping software and plugins updated, not using the same password everywhere, updating passwords regularly, using two-factor identification when available, blocking ‘brute force’ attacks by limiting login attempts…

The more obstacles in their way, the more likely a hacker is going to move on to another target, and the less likely their tools (which sniff for known vulnerabilities) will ever bring your site onto their radar in the first place.”

You’ll Want to Get Your Web Host Involved

Stoney deGeyter of Pole Position Marketing says, “Both your web hosting platform and content management system play an important role in your site’s security. You’ll want to check with your web host provider about what they do and/or recommend to keep your site secure. If you’re using WordPress as a CMS, you’ll want to update whenever a new version is released as many updates are designed to fix known security issues. Plugins can also cause security holes, so limit your use of plugins whenever possible, and keep those up to date as well.”

PCI Compliance is a Critical Component

When it comes to financial security, Seth Rand of Rand Internet Marketing points out, “One of the most important items would be PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry Standard). PCI compliance sets a standard for any organization that collects credit card data. The goal is to ensure the prevention of cyber crimes and identity theft. Most credit card payment gateways enforce this standard, and for good reason.”

Keep a Separate Computer Designated for Transactions

And Ester Venouziou of LocalShops1 & Live Local! magazine adds: “One of the best tips I’ve heard for protecting small businesses against cybercrime is to have a separate computer dedicated exclusively to financial transactions.

Don’t use this computer for social media, email, games or web-browsing. And of course, make sure the computer is password-protected, and change your password every three to six months.”

Be VERY Skeptical About Suspicious Emails

David Langton of Langton Cherubino Group ads “When I worked for an insurance company the secretary Jeanette would block calls from, ‘The person who really wants to talk to you about an opportunity that can change your life!’ But today, small business owners are bombarded with email spam offers that are increasingly deceptive.”

Is your business’s financial rating in trouble? Does the IRS really need to reach you now? Is that really a message
from your credit card company? Spam keeps getting trickier and the best tip is to avoid clicking on or following
anything that you can’t verify.”

Thanks to everyone who participated and provided cybercrime security tips. Don’t forget to download the free ebook on cybercrime here.

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  1. Aira Bongco

    Congratulations on the success of your book. It is nice to get to know tips and key people in the small business industry at the same time.

  2. Martin Lindeskog

    Shawn: Congrats on the success of the e-book. I am honored to be included with one tip. I will use this presentation in future course on new media and referral marketing.

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