Need to Share Some Content? Provides Syndication Service

Need to Share Some Content? Provides Syndication Service provides brands, publishers and marketers with a way to syndicate content using their social media channels.

Essentially, provides you with a simple way to curate content and automatically distribute it to preferred channels. Details

The platform enables you to share content from RSS-enabled sites to social networks. It continuously scans the content feeds for updates and when it comes across new entries it automatically shares them to these chosen channels.  You can also have real time distribution if your subscription is “Push” enabled. allows for creation of customized short links, sharing of different types of media, adding of hashtags, scheduling of posts, and integration of Google Analytics to all the content that you share.

You can also queue content using the platform’s browser extension. Queuing gives you the opportunity to share the curated content on an optimized schedule.

Apart from optimized schedules and Google Analytics, the platform also offers you engagement statistics. You can use the platform’s social and content sharing analytics to gain insights into those following your content. This also gives you a chance to track and measure audience engagement across social networks so you can identify which channels are delivering the best results and which ones might require more work.

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The tool also offers a “smart sharing” feature, which ideally means that you can now share the right content with the right audience. Target the right audience using tags, author, keywords and more. You can also fine tune your posts using the platform’s find or replace/remove text tool.

Are you a small business owner or marketer that’s always on the go? Another feature to note is that allows for quick and easy sharing from anywhere. It’s extensions integrate with some of the major browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox, making it easy to find and share links, photos and articles, regardless of when and where you come across them.

The company boasts more than a million customers and adds that it currently delivers over five million items a day for individuals, businesses and global brands such as Reuters, ESPN and CBS. offers a demo version that severely limits the number of destinations you can send content to. The paid version, however, starts at $9.99 per month or $109 per year and allows for a greater number of social profiles.

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