Get Back to Basics With Google’s New Video Calling App (Watch)

Google wants to get back to the basics of video calling. So if you get overwhelmed by all the features and options of Skype or FaceTime, Google Duo might just be the app for you.

The new app is only available for smartphone users, in both the App Store and Google Play. So it doesn’t offer phone to web calling or any other added features. And unlike Google’s other video chatting service, Google Hangouts, Google Duo is only for video calls between two people.

It might seem like a step backwards to offer a new service with fewer features than what’s already out there. But that could be what ends up setting Google Duo apart from the competition. If the app can do one thing really well, rather than trying to offer a bunch of different features and make sure they’re all adequate, it could become a favorite among video callers.

That same methodology could be applied to your of small businesses too. This is especially true if you’re competing with a big chain or other business trying to offer everything under the sun.

Don’t Try to Be a Jack of All Trades

Instead focus on just one or two products or services you can deliver better than anyone else. Sometimes doing just one thing  one thing really well can set you apart. Customers might just appreciate the simple, straightforward experience over something with tons of options and special features they really really asked for anyway.

Image: Google

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  1. I wonder how this will compete with Skype. Video calling is really not that new. What does it offer that the other apps don’t have?