Facebook Introduces Text, Music Other Features to Slideshow Ads

Facebook Slideshow Ads Update Introduces Text, Music Other Features

In a bid to improve its ad features, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has announced a number of improvement to the platform’s Slideshow ads tool.

Facebook first announced Slideshow ads last October, launching the program on both Facebook and Instagram.

For the uninitiated, Slideshow is a marketing tool that allows small business owners and marketers alike to easily build videos from an existing clip or from a set of photos.

Facebook says the tool was originally introduced as a way to let advertisers create video-like ads that could be viewed even in areas with very slow internet connection. But since then, the feature has exploded in popularity with the ads being viewed in over 200 countries and becoming popular with big and small businesses alike, Facebook reports.

The new features added to Slideshow bring a few more choices to advertisers when creating their message.

Facebook Slideshow Ads Update Details

Previously, Slideshow ads did not have sound, but that has changed. You can now add audio tracks from Facebook’s library, the company says. You can also create a richer visual experience by adding text, selecting templates and choosing your preferred colors, Facebook says.

The social networking service has also fully integrated Slideshow with its Pages Photo Library and stock image database, giving you access to images from the social network’s thousands of stock photos.

The Slideshow upgrade also makes things easier for on-the-go users as it allows you to work on your products or brand stories right from your smartphone. The service is currently available to Android users, with plans to launch an iOS app underway.

The company also showed how effective Slideshow ads are by referring to how Stance — a sock company that brings art and self-expression to socks — used Slideshow  to create a cheap and effective solution for grabbing their customer’s attention.

“Stance used slideshow across Facebook and Instagram to effectively increase sales. The campaign was a great partnership between the art and science of our brand.” Stance’s Director of Social Media Brett Sirianni said in a post on Facebook’s official business blog.

Unilever has also been using Slideshow in Indonesia for its Paddle Pop ice cream. The International brand took still images from their TV Ads and repurposed them for a mobile audience. Though they haven’t shared the numbers, the company says that Slideshow has been very helpful in its marketing campaign since it made loading time five times faster than it would have taken to load an average video Ad.

Facebook now says that the new Slideshow updates are available globally and you can begin experimenting with it immediately to see whether the Slideshow ads will be effective for your business.

Image: Facebook

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