The Robocall Strike Force Teaches How to Go the Extra Mile for Customers (Watch)

Chances are, you’ve received one of those unsolicited robocalls or automated text messages at some point. And you probably haven’t been too happy about it either.

But a new task force made up of some of the biggest names in tech is trying to put a stop to those unwanted calls and texts. Google, Apple, Verizon, Microsoft and more are all part of the Robocall Strike Force. The group’s goal is to find the sources of those calls and try to stop them from ever reaching your phone.

The Robocall Strike Force might not have much to do with the everyday business functions that companies like Apple and Google have to deal with. But receiving unsolicited calls and texts is one of the top complaints from mobile phone consumers. So taking steps toward solving that problem can potentially lead to higher customer satisfaction rates overall. And the companies that take part in the task force are likely to receive some positive publicity for helping solve the problem.

Why You Should Consider Going the Extra Mile

The same can be true for your small business. When confronted with a problem having nothing to do with your product or service but adversely affecting how customers use it, it could be tempting to say it’s not your problem. Suppose, for example, you run a gardening supply store and have customers who’s gardens have been plagued by aphids. Of course, handling pest control isn’t your problem if  they didn’t come from your store. But providing tips and other assistance will raise your profile with customers increasing the likelihood they may buy from you again.

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