Why You Need to Check Out the Google #SmallBizGames

Learn How to Succeed in Business With Google's #SmallBizGames

Today the #SmallBizGames kick off over at the Google Small Business Community.

Don’t know what the #SmallBizGames are?  Well, here are some quick facts about them:

  • #SmallBizGames is a two-week program to help you succeed in your business.
  • Each day will feature a challenge. I promise, it won’t be a hard challenge.
  • If you undertake each challenge, it’s like a roadmap to gain more success online and off.
  • It’s low stress. You don’t have to take every challenge if you don’t need that day’s challenge — or if you don’t have time. This is about getting help, not about piling more work on your day.
  • Pick the challenges for actions you know you need to do but have been procrastinating on. Or pick a couple of areas where you feel your business could use the most help.
  • Ask questions over at the Google Small Business Community page.  There’s no stupid question. We all get by with a little help from our friends.
  • Google has lined up coaches for each day’s challenge to help you out. (I am coaching today August 4 about getting domain names.)
  • Write your challenge down and tell the world. You see, you’re more likely to meet goals if you write down your commitment to them. So tweet out the fact that you are participating in the #SmallBizGames. Tell customers, staff, the public, the world that you’re taking the challenge to make your business even more successful. If you’re not a tweeter, go over to the Google Small Business Community and post it there.
  • Here’s a sample tweet for the August 4 challenge:  “I have taken on today’s challenge in the #SmallBizGames at @GoogleSmallBiz site. I’m choosing domain names today!”

Want to Learn How to Succeed in Business?

The best thing is to get started at the #SmallBizGames site.

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  1. Aira Bongco

    This is interesting and definitely different. I think that it is a great way to get the community together.

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