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McDonald’s is Releasing a Healthier Version of Its Chicken Nuggets (Watch)

Consumers are becoming more concerned with the ingredients of their food — so much so that even McDonald’s is now having to change its ingredients. The fast food giant has announced that its chicken nuggets will no longer have artificial preservatives as of this month. And it is making some changes with other menu items too.

McDonald’s certainly isn’t known as being the healthiest option for consumers. But the franchise has still faced a lot of criticism in recent years over the quality of its ingredients. So now the company is trying to speak more openly about what goes into its food. And it is making an effort to add more natural ingredients where possible.

The Importance of Paying Attention to Trends, Customer Demands

Restaurants large an small may want to take note. If even McDonald’s is changing up its ingredients to offer more natural, less harmful ingredients to customers, it’s likely something your business should be considering as well.

As consumers become more knowledgeable about what goes into their food and more concerned with things like natural ingredients and preservatives, even small  restaurants need to keep up with those demands. Don’t wait until your menu items get called out like a 20 piece order of Chicken McNuggets to make a change.

McDonald’s [1] Photo via Shutterstock