What The Girl Scouts Can Teach Businesses About Launching New Products (Watch)

The next time you buy Girl Scout cookies, you’ll have a few new options to choose from. One features a graham cookie dipped in crème icing and chocolate. And the other includes two graham cookies with marshmallow and chocolate filling in between.

The two new varieties commemorate the Girl Scouts’ 100th year of selling cookies. But they also take a few growing food trends into account. First of all, the cookies, which are inspired by classic s’mores treats, were released on National S’mores Day. And one of them is even vegan friendly, which gives an option to the growing number of health conscious consumers as well as people with dietary restrictions.

But they’re not just trendy offerings. The s’mores cookies also fit into the spirit of adventure and love of outdoors that the Girl Scouts are known for. So they seem more like a natural fit for the annual cookie lineup — and they just so happen to fit with a few current trends as well.

The Benefits of New Product Introductions

The Girl Scouts sell cookies as a way to teach business and leadership skills to young girls. So it’s important that the people making the decisions about which cookies to sell also exhibit some of those skills. Introducing new cookies every now and then, especially ones that have the potential to be popular both now and in the future, is a big part of building sales and growing the business successfully.

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  1. I love how girl scouts approach business in such a simple manner. It is direct and easy to do yet it works.