Why T-Mobile’s “Historic” New Offering Could Disappoint Customers (Watch)

T-Mobile just announced that it’s removing data caps from its mobile plans, a move that the company’s CEO called “historic.”

But the company’s offering may not actually be as great as it wants you to believe. The new unlimited data plan starts at $70 per month for one user. But that doesn’t include any HD streaming or decent tethering capabilities. You have to pay extra for those.

Since so many people are using those features, it’s fairly likely that those who would be most excited about an unlimited data plan are the ones who would also need to add on those extra options. And the extra monthly charges for those features can really add up.

And on top of all that, Sprint also announced new plans without data caps on the very same day.

Basically, it seems like T-Mobile could be falling into the common trap of over-hyping a new offering that is really not all that great. Customers could very well be drawn in by this “historic” offering. But once they learn about all the extra charges and that they could potentially get the same thing elsewhere, they’re likely to be disappointed.

Beware of the Over-Promise

It’s a good policy for businesses of all sizes to under-promise and over-deliver, so that customers are likely to be really happy with the actual experience of your product or service and not just the hype surrounding it. Otherwise the let down could result in poor customer retention — and maybe even some bad word-of-mouth about your brand.

Image: Newsy

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