Sage Upgrades its iOS Apps to Let You Record Receipts with Your iPhone

Sage Apps That Run on iOS Upgraded to Let You Record Receipts from Your iPhone

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In some exciting news, accounting and payroll software giant Sage Group (LON:SGE) announced last week at Sage Summit 2016 held in Chicago, Ill. that it has redesigned and optimized its iOS mobile applications for Sage One and Sage Live, and that it is now part of the Apple Mobility Partner Program.

As a part of the program that seeks to make the iPad a better work tool, Sage said it worked with Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) to completely redesign and upgrade its app user interfaces in order to make the most of key iOS features, such as 3DTouch Location Services and TouchID.

Newly Optimized Sage Apps for Mobile iOS Devices

The partnership with Apple brings the iOS-optimized versions of Sage One for small businesses and Sage Live for accountants to the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, allowing small business owners and accountants to access these cloud-based services from their Apple mobile devices and carry on with their day-to-day business processes while on the move.

“Mobility is at the heart of business transformation, and we’re just scratching the surface of its potential,” said Sage CEO Stephen Kelly. “As a mobility partner, Sage has worked closely with software and design experts at Apple to fine tune and optimize the Sage One and Sage Live experiences for iOS, as well as create an exciting new Apple Watch application. By creating beautiful easy to use applications, we’re able to maintain the best user experience that customers love, giving business owners peace of mind that their workflow will not be interrupted.”

The news follows the launch of Sage Expenses, a free app for iPhone and iPad that offers a fast and easy way to record and understand business transactions.

“With Sage Expenses, users don’t need special IT skills or accounting genius,” said the company in the press release announcing the upgrades. “In just a few seconds, a user can enter money-in and money-out transactions, take a photo of a receipt and remove the effort of keeping track of many pieces of paper that often get lost or mislaid. The transactions and associated paperwork are kept together in the app and in the cloud for whenever the business owner or accountant needs them.”

Mobile Sage Apps Enhancements Set to Continue

Having upgraded its iOS mobile Sage apps for Sage One and Sage Live, and introduced a new one for Sage Expenses, Sage said it will continue to work to enhance all its apps’ user experiences, interactions and usability so they can work optimally not only on the iOS platform, but also on other mobile platforms.

For Android users, the company announced last year on its company blog that there is a Sage One mobile app for Android available for download on the Google Play store, while support for a Sage Live mobile app for Android devices is coming soon.

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