Shopkeep Boasts Simple, Inexpensive POS for Small Businesses

Shopkeep App Boasts Simple, Inexpensive POS for Small Businesses

The Shopkeep app is an iPad point-of-sale (POS) system that claims to add simplicity and speed to sales functions SMBs need to effectively run and manage their operations.

The company boasts a comprehensive iPad POS system for small business owners that seems to come fully loaded with all the big business features at a small business price.

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Whereas many other POS systems use feature-based, tiered pricing structures and charge extra for additional services, Shopkeep touts a standard price with inclusions such as 24/7 email and phone support. The company charges $69 per month, which is $30 less than what Breadcrumb charges.

Features of the Shopkeep App

Shopkeep’s advertised features go beyond processing of sales. With a stated aim of saving time and helping retailers boost sales, the company offers tools it says will help businesses concentrate on making more sales instead of worrying about backend processes.

Speaking the backend, Shopkeep’s backend seems arranged to help you visualize all your functions at a glance. You can gather customer information, manage employees, boost sales, generate reports, manage inventories and more right from your interactive POS system. Here’s a sneak peek at the specifics.

Shopkeep App Backend

Small Business Deals

For small businesses, keeping lines moving especially during moments of high sales is crucial for profitability. This is where the Shopkeep app comes in. The tool seems easy to use and also quickly processes transactions. Also, managing inventory is not always easy for many retailers but Shopkeep allows you to quickly upload and edit spreadsheets as well as use inventory triggers to set automatic reorders and low inventory alerts.

The POS system also integrates with other third-party products. Although you can almost entirely run your business from Shopkeep, you can connect other apps and software you already use, minimizing errors from manual entry and saving time. Some of the tools that can be added to the system include MailChimp and QuickBooks, for example.


Still, beyond the benefits, Shopkeep also has some limitations. For instance, the system limits its users to staying within the Apple ecosystem as it only works with the iPad 2 and later.

Also, when it comes to pricing, some businesses may prefer to use pay-as-you-go options such as Square, GoPayment or PaPal here, which charge on a per swipe basis. Though Shopkeep does offer a 14-day trial version before its monthly pricing model kicks in.

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  1. Shopkeep still can’t accept EMV (Chip) cards nearly a year after the liability shift.