Find Out Why These Brand Names Are Missing Some Letters (Watch)

If you’ve noticed some of your favorite brands missing a few letters from their logos lately, it’s not a glitch. All those missing A’s, B’s and O’s are actually part of a global effort organized by the UK’s National Health Service. The #MissingType campaign is designed to raise awareness and encourage more people around the globe to donate blood.

It’s an interesting concept for a campaign. Seeing some missing letters from a company’s logo might not immediately make people think about the importance of giving blood. But if enough companies get involved and if the NHS is able to get its talking points out effectively, the campaign could be a win for both the organization and the companies involved.

This is a Great Example of Socially Responsible Businesses in Action

So far, big names like Morgan Stanley, Tesco and even the Sydney Opera House have gotten involved, removing the A’s, B’s and O’s from some of their branding and signage. Getting involved in causes like this one isn’t a new concept for businesses. But #MissingType does serve as a reminder that there are always new and different ways for businesses to show their support for important issues.

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Even if your small business doesn’t have any A’s, B’s or O’s in its name, there are plenty of different ways you can get involved with charitable organizations and causes. And when consumers see your involvement in those causes they care about, it could help your overall reputation in the long run too. Comment ▼

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