This Innovative Wind Turbine Holds a Powerful Lesson for Entrepreneurs (Watch)

If you visit the slums along the Red River in Vietnam, you might see an interesting sight. One community uses a makeshift wind turbine, which is built from plastic buckets, old printer motors and motorcycle batteries to provide electricity to the residents.

It works much like other wind turbines. But since it uses recycled materials, it only cost about $44 to produce. And it’s environmentally friendly to boot.

This is currently the only system of its kind. And the creator had to visit the community many times to convince residents that it could save them money and not bring them any harm. But with such a low cost and high potential for benefits, it seems likely that systems like this might start popping up in other communities as well.

Sustainable Business Practices CanLower Costs and Drive Innovation

Even if you aren’t in the business of creating wind turbines out of recycled materials, you can likely appreciate the innovation behind this project. In your business too you need to think creatively to make the most efficient use of resources. That could be either in the way you produce your products and services, the way you reduce your costs or most likely both.

The end result is likely to be a benefit to your business and to the community at large. Whether your diverting products from a landfill or just keeping an eye on your energy consumption, making the most of existing resources is something all entrepreneurs must consider.

Image: Newsy

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