Oops! More Than Half of U.S. Employees Are Seeking New Gigs: How About Yours?

A new study reveals that more than half of US workers are looking to switch jobs. Here are the reasons why employees leave.

An amazing 63 percent of full-time employees are seeking a new job right now, a new survey says. Could some of your employees be among them?

A research report by iCIMS, Inc., provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, shows that today’s employees are constantly searching for new jobs. To keep them comfortable and grounded in one job for longer, modern HR professionals are creating recruitment strategies that go beyond remuneration.

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“Our survey supports the need for employers to use more aggressive approaches to stay afloat in this competitive job market,” Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at iCIMS said in a recent release on the company’s findings.

The iCIMIS report uncovers a number of reasons why employees are leaving their current jobs and where they are headed.

Reasons Why Employees Leave

As for reasons for leaving, 69 percent of full-time employees said that they are not completely satisfied with the benefits that they are being offered currently. To counter this, some businesses have resorted to offering non-traditional benefits such as child adoption benefits, pet insurance, on-site massages and student loan reimbursement among other things.

Another 42 percent of full-time employees stated their reason for seeking other employment was that their current company lacks real opportunities for growth.

On top of this, “Job seekers have become more resourceful and they’re aware of unique perks and benefits that some employers are offering to make their company an attractive place to work,” Vitale added. “According to our survey, not only are employees willing to leave a company, but 77 percent are willing to switch industries and a shocking 56 percent would give up their full-time job to join the gig economy.”

Entertainment, communications, technology/software, banking/finance and consulting also came out as some of the top industries to which employees are likely moving.

“Being aware of the underlying factors for these changes is essential, as recruiters and HR professionals try to navigate the new landscape of workers,” Vitale said. With this information, businesses can now better manage their employees, providing them with desired benefits that make them more relaxed, happy and productive. It is important to note that regular recruitment of skilled employees is a time consuming and expensive process and it is therefore important for companies and businesses to learn ways in which they can keep their workers satisfied for a long time.

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  1. Is the grass greener at some other place?

  2. Employees today are mostly millenials. These people possess a personality of jumping from one job to another seeking fulfillment. This is the main reason why the gig economy is thriving.

  3. People will always have big dreams for themselves. You really cannot expect them to stay at one job unless you give them full benefits.

  4. It is okay to go with gigs but leaving their jobs entirely can affect the businesses that they work with. It requires constant adjustment.