Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing to Grow Your Business

Why Video Marketing Will Grow Your Business

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, businesses are constantly required to come up with improved ways to promote themselves and attract valuable leads. The rising customer expectations have led businesses to develop new strategies to meet and exceed the demands.

One of these strategies that have gained momentum recently is video marketing.

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that video-driven platforms are well-received by today’s generation. In fact, Snapchat has overtaken Twitter with a user base of more than 150 million every day compared to the 136 million daily users of Twitter.

Such increased popularity of videos has convinced businesses to rethink their digital marketing strategies and include videos to attract a flood of customers.

Let’s take a look at why video should be part of your digital marketing strategy.

Why Video Marketing Deserves a Spot in Your Marketing Mix

Increased Comprehension and Engagement

Did you know that the attention span of an average human being is eight seconds? This means that you only have a short window to attract the attention of your customers and engage them in what you have to say. Blocks of text will hardly serve the purpose. This is where videos become relevant.

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This is because videos appeal to several senses. As a result, this allows viewers to better comprehend the message than text.

Enhanced SEO Possibilities

Since a video can garner massive engagement, major search engines places a lot of importance on video content. This is because it is easier to watch a three minute video explaining a product instead of reading through text.

This means that including video content in your marketing strategies will automatically give you a better chance of ranking well in search results. A better rank translates into greater possibilities of getting noticed.

Greater Reach to Millions of Potential Viewers

There are numerous video distribution sites that allow you to upload the videos you create. The popular sites have a large user count. For example, YouTube has more than 1 billion monthly active users. This escalates your chances of reaching out to thousands of users every day.

Additionally, videos can be shared on various social media platforms easily. With 2.1 billion active social media users, promoting your videos on these platforms will increase the chances of exposure exponentially. When people find your video interesting, they are highly likely to share it, which means more reach.

Additionally, with the increased usage of smartphones, people want information fast. A quick video explaining the functions of the product that they wish to purchase may be just what they are looking for.

Greater Trust

The usage of videos puts a face to the brand. It reveals more about your brand than a logo and a manual by encouraging interactions. A video demonstration alleviates customer doubts and answers their queries.

A video not only depicts what you do but also why you do it. This enhances transparency and builds trust.

Better Customer Retention

Since videos can convey your message in a more effective and succinct way, customers are quite likely to watch these. This means they will be staying on your page for at least as long as the video lasts. With an effective call-to-action at the end, you can easily direct the viewers to the webpages containing your products and or services.

Additionally, heightened comprehension will enable viewers to remember what they see. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to retain customers.

Increased Conversion Rates

As your videos start gathering a large audience, the right marketing strategies will start generating leads and fuel conversion rates. With proper investment, your sales are going to skyrocket in no time.

Ease of Production

With technological innovation, video production has become a simple process. It does not require a lot of equipment and an entire project can be completed in a couple of minutes. A simple camera can do the trick. A good internet connection coupled with WiFi connectivity will help in uploading and distributing the final video on various platforms.

Did you know that as many as 55 percent of small and medium business owners say that video marketing is a must? Videos are powerful tools that drive engagement. They are a great way to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Therefore, you should start investing in them today.

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