50 Business Ideas for Extroverted Entrepreneurs

business ideas for extroverts

If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy being around people, you’re probably an extrovert. And luckily for you, there are plenty of business opportunities out there for extroverts. Here are some business ideas that give you the opportunity to interact with people and let your extroverted personality shine.

Business Ideas for Extroverts

Motivational Speaker

If you’re an extrovert, you’re probably capable of speaking in front of large crowds without too many nerves getting in the way. So you can use that talent to motivate large audiences with public speaking.

YouTube Personality

You can actually reach even more people with your message by posting videos on platforms like YouTube. You can work with brands as an influencer or just post entertaining videos and grow a following so you can earn a share of the ad revenue.


Podcasting is also a viable business opportunity. So if you’re comfortable speaking in this format and interviewing people for your show, you can build a business around it.

Food Truck Owner

Food trucks are the new restaurants. And if you run one, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to different locations and meet all kinds of different people.

Flea Market Vendor

You can sell a huge variety of goods at flea markets, from handmade items to vintage finds. And you can help your chances of success by being outgoing to all the flea market shoppers who walk near your booth.

Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent requires you to work with a lot of different people, from buyers and sellers to other agents and mortgage brokers.

Personal Trainer

If you’re physically fit and enjoy teaching others, you can create a personal training business by working with clients or even setting up your own instructional space.

Event Planner

Being an event planner requires a lot of organizational skills. But it also requires you to communicate effectively with different vendors, hosts and partygoers.


Mediators provide a service for people who want to settle disputes without going to court. If you can listen to multiple parties and effectively communicate a solution, you can build a business as a mediator.

Bar Owner

Bars are often used as meeting or gathering places for a wide variety of customers. If you enjoy meeting new people and conversating with regulars, opening a small bar might be the perfect business opportunity for you.

Diner Operator

Small diners are also popular gathering spots. You can open your own small diner and serve up some of your favorite dishes while interacting with local customers.

Dance Teacher

For those who are skilled in the art of dance, you can open your own studio and offer classes for people interested in learning various dance techniques.

Music Instructor

You can also offer music classes for people interested in learning a specific instrument or even receiving voice lessons.

Antique Store Owner

If you enjoy collecting antiques, you can open your own store or even offer up space to other antique vendors. Then you can have your own space to sell those items while interacting with customers and other antique enthusiasts.

Business Conference Speaker

There are plenty of business conferences throughout the year that offer opportunities for public speakers to share their expertise with interested audiences.


Hairdressers are not only known for their superior hair styling skills, but also for their ability to conversate regularly with clientele.

Event Photographer

If you love taking pictures and being around a lot of people, you can build a business as a wedding or event photographer to combine those interests.

Social Media Influencer

There are plenty of business opportunities on social media. If you can use your outgoing personality to build a large network online, you can work with brands as an influencer to share their messaging on your accounts.

Local News Reporter

Local news is still a viable business opportunity, especially since many traditional newspapers have shut down or slowed publication. You can start your own local news website or even a print publication.


Catering gives you the opportunity to share your love of food with large groups at weddings or other events.

Coffee Cart Operator

People are always looking for new places to buy coffee. With just a small cart and some supplies, you can start a coffee cart and set up shop on busy corners or other areas with a lot of pedestrians.

Tool Truck Operator

If you have a truck and resources to purchase tools from a large tool company, you can sell those tools to local mechanics and contractors out of your truck.

Valet Service

Businesses and people hosting events often hire valet services to handle the parking. You can start this type of service and take care of the vehicles for a variety of visitors and customers.

Golf Instructor

If you enjoy golf and have some knowledge to share with others, you can offer your services as a golf instructor at a local course.

Insurance Agent

For people who need a little extra help deciding on what type of insurance to purchase, you can offer your services as an independent agent to help them make informed decisions.

Professional Bridesmaid

It’s a little bit of a weird niche, but there are some people who could use some help organizing their wedding day and even filling out their bridal party.

Senior Care

If you enjoy spending time with seniors, you can offer your services as an in-home aide to help with regular household chores and even some daily errands.

Child Care

Or if you’d prefer to spend your day taking care of kids, you can work as a nanny or start an in-home daycare service for busy families.

Transportation Provider

If you’ve got a vehicle and the desire to drive people around, you can make money driving for Uber or Lyft or even start your own transportation service.

Estate Sale Service

People can often use some help setting up and facilitating estate sales so they can clear out their homes and make some extra money selling their old possessions.

Personal Shopper

If you love shopping and fashion, you can help others shop and put together outfits by working as a personal shopper.

Tour Guide

For those who live in tourist-heavy locations, you can build a business as a tour guide to show people around your city or town.

Moving Service

If you have some strength and moving equipment, you can also work with different clients and your own team to help people pack up their homes and move.

Bed and Breakfast Operator

Bed and breakfasts are often full of travelers who enjoy chatting over breakfast and various other events. You can start your own and meet tons of local travelers as they pass through or visit your location.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga continues to be a popular activity for health conscious consumers. You can start your own studio to work with classes full of interested yogis.


Lots of people use online dating services these days. But for those who want more of a personalized experience, you can offer your services as a matchmaker.


Businesses and various other organizations can often use a bit of extra help with fundraising. So you can offer your services to those organizations and help them plan fundraising events or even reach out to potential donors individually.

Farmer’s Market Vendor

If you grow your ow produce or prepare any fresh or canned food, you could consider selling it at farmer’s markets and use your outgoing personality to sell your food items to shoppers.

Ice Cream Truck Driver

During the summer, you can run a business while interacting with lots of local customers by selling ice cream and other frozen treats out of an ice cream truck or cart.

Life Coach

Life coaching requires you to work closely with different clients to work through issues and come up with new processes for everything from relationships to professional life.

Disc Jockey

Musically inclined extroverts, you can share your love of music with others at big events or venues by serving as a disc jockey.

Public Relations Rep

Or you could work with different businesses and reach out to media outlets on their behalf as a PR rep.

Speech Writer

If you’re skilled as a public speaker, you can also share your talents with others as a speech writer. This may not require you to actually do the speaking, but it’s still a viable business opportunity for people with that skill set.

Call Center Service

For those who like talking to customers on the phone, you can start a call center service to handle customer service or support issues for businesses that want to outsource that function.

Security Service

Or you could provide security services to various clients, businesses or events.

Career Counselor

You can help clients find or plan for their ideal careers by working closely with them as a career counselor.

Shoe Shine Business

You can also set up shop as a shoe shine at locations with a lot of foot traffic like office complexes, airports or even outdoors.


For those with musical talent, you can start a business as a musical artist and play shows or events where you can interact with tons of fans or listeners.


If you have a flair for the dramatic, you can build a business as a magician and work at parties or local venues.

Mobile Store Operator

You can also start a retail store in a camper or RV so that you can actually move it to different locations, allowing you to set up shop at fairs or in different cities around the country.

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