50 Business Ideas for Writing Entrepreneurs

50 Business Ideas for Writers

If you love writing, you very well could be destined for entrepreneurship. There are so many different businesses that revolve around writing. So if you have the skills and the desire to write for a living, here are some business ideas that could be perfect for you.

Business Ideas for Writers

eBook Writer

Ebooks have become incredibly popular in recent years. You can write your own and go through a publisher or self-publish on platforms like Amazon.


Or you could go a more traditional route and write a novel or other book format and then work with a publishing company to offer your book or books in physical form. Though some don’t think of novelists and other author as small business owners, in fact they are contracted not hired by publishers and often retain ownership of at least part of what they produce.

Niche Blogger

Blogging is also a great route for aspiring writers. You can start your own blog on any number of different topics, and then either sell ads or use your platform to grow an audience and then sell related products or services.

Freelance Blogger

But you don’t necessarily have to start your own blog and grow it from scratch in order to make money blogging. If you have some writing acumen, you can offer your services to other blogs for a regular fee.

Newsletter Writer

Email content can be another great avenue for aspiring writers. You can start your own email newsletter and run it much like you would a blog.


Businesses are constantly looking to hire contractors or freelancers to write online or print copy for things like ads or websites. You can offer your services as a copywriter to fill that need for a variety of different businesses.

Online Ad Creator

Or you could niche down even more and focus specifically on creating ads for different businesses.

Content Marketer

Content marketing is also a popular avenue for businesses looking to grow their customer bases. So you can start a business creating content like blog posts, newsletters and videos for businesses.

Social Media Manager

50 Business Ideas for Writers - Social Media Manager

Starting a writing business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to focus on long-form content. Being able to write quick but effective social posts can also be a huge benefit. If that’s your specialty, you can offer your services to businesses as a social media manager.

Social Influencer

Or if you prefer to build up your own network on social media, you can work with brands as an influencer to get the word out about certain products and services on your own accounts.

Local News Reporter

Even though the news landscape is changing, people still need outlets to find out about local news. You can start a small local news website or even a newspaper if you have enough advertising or revenue opportunities to support it.

Magazine Publisher

Likewise, magazines can still be a viable business opportunity if you have the right audience and revenue streams.

Freelance Print Journalist

Just as you can offer your services as a freelance blogger, you can also submit your work to print publications like magazines and newspapers for a fee.

Direct Mail Service

Direct mail is still a popular marketing outlet for some local businesses. So if you feel confident putting together fliers or mailers for local companies, you can offer that as a service in your area.


Even if you’re not the one writing the majority of the copy, being a proofreader still requires some writing skills. You can charge other writers to go over their work and then make corrections where necessary.

Fact Checker

Or you could offer some more in-depth services like fact checking to really dig deep into the content of the writing. This requires some researching skills as well as the ability to effectively communicate any necessary changes.


50 Business Ideas for Writers - Researcher

You could also use those research skills to help out other writers or publications early in the process. You can research particular topics and then put together reports or findings.

Ghost Writer

Ghost writing gives writers the opportunity to offer another kind of service on a freelance basis. But instead of submitting articles or other pieces under your own name, it can be published under another name.


If you build up a portfolio or a reputation writing about a particular topic, you may be able to offer freelance services as a regular columnist covering that topic either for print or online publications.

Speech Writer

Plenty of people, from business professionals to politicians, need help with speeches. So you can offer your services as a speech writer to fill that need.


Playwriting is a specific kind of art. But if you’re well versed in the format of plays, you can build a business in this niche. The key is to make the same kind of contacts in theatrical circles as others would in other industries.


Similarly, you can write your own scripts for things like TV and movies and then attempt to sell them or even produce them independently. Again, as in any other industry, the key is to market effectively to those in the television and motion picture industry.

Public Relations Rep

Offering public relations services requires a lot of writing. You need to be able to craft press releases and other marketing materials and then communicate effectively with clients and media alike.

Resume Writer

You can also offer resume or cover letter writing services to job seekers who need a bit of help crafting those pieces for their job search.

Business Plan Writer

Or you can offer your services to new businesses that are looking for some help writing business plans and similar materials.

Business Proposal Writer

Businesses at any stage may be able to use some help writing client proposals and similar materials.

Grant Writer

Non-profits, municipalities and similar organizations can also use help putting together grants to seek funding for various projects. So you can offer your services in that area as well.

Blogging Consultant

If you prefer working with bloggers individually, you can offer services as a consultant to help bloggers find their niche and grow their audience.

Writing Workshop Teacher

If you’re confident enough with your writing abilities that you want to teach others what you know, you could offer workshops to other writers in your local area or online.

eCourse Creator

You could also create and sell your own writing courses online so that students can purchase and then work at their own pace.

Writing Tutor

50 Business Ideas for Writers - Writing Tutor

Or you could offer your services as a writing tutor to students or even professionals who need a bit of extra help honing their skills.

Author Coach

You can also work with traditional authors to coach them on anything from story creation to book marketing.

Zine Creator

Zines are small, independently produced publications that often include written work mixed with other visuals. If you enjoy writing and putting together those visuals, you can produce your own zines and sell them locally or online.

Product Description Writer

Since ecommerce is becoming such a popular industry, there are business opportunities for writers who enjoy putting together unique product descriptions that can help businesses get their products found.


Podcasting isn’t all about writing. But podcasters do often have to do some writing in order to plan out their shows and market them online.

Market Researcher

You might also be able to start a business that helps other businesses with market research. This could require writing materials like surveys and analytical reports.

Song Writer

If you’re musically inclined, you could build a business writing your own songs or even selling songs to other artists or for use in commercials, TV shows or on the web..

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a growing field that allows online content creators to earn a share of the sales that they bring to businesses. If you have a blog or website, you can add affiliate links to your content and earn some income through any referrals.

Letter Writer

You can also offer writing services to those who want some help putting together letters or similar forms of communication.

Comic Writer

Comic books and online comics are visually oriented. But they still require strong writing and storytelling skills. If you also have some artistic talent you could write and draw your own  comics. Or find or hire artists to handle the visual part of the storytelling.


Translating requires knowledge of at least two languages. But you also need to be able to put together dialogue and content in a way that makes sense in those languages, so it requires strong writing and communicating skills as well. This is something to consider if you happen  to be bilingual and good at transitioning from one language into another.

Marketing Consultant

If you want to help businesses with a variety of different marketing activities, including things like advertising and content creation, you can start a business as a marketing consultant and work with a variety of different businesses.

Video Producer

Creating videos on platforms like YouTube is a viable business opportunity. And you can use your writing skills to put together scripts or talking points for those videos.

Gaming Storyboard Creator

Video games also require strong storytelling skills. You can use your writing skills to develop those stories for video games on a freelance basis or you could even sell story ideas to different gaming companies.

Short Story Writer

If you’re more into creative writing but aren’t interested in writing full novels, you could focus your efforts on writing and selling short stories either in print or ebook format.


You can also start a business transcribing various verbal communications from meetings to lectures into print versions — for those who don’t have time to take extensive notes or who wish to offer a printed version to participants.

Website Manager

Businesses tend to take their websites seriously. So you can build a business by charging them to maintain their websites, which is likely to require some writing in order to make the copy and descriptions effective.

Website Editor

Or you might want to offer more of a one-time service to website owners where you go over their web copy and make edits or suggestions for improvements.

Search Engine Marketer

SEO is an area of marketing that requires a fair amount of writing skills, since you need to be able to arrange words in a way that makes sense while also including some relevant keywords for search engines.

Story Blogger

You can also use a blog to show off your creative fiction writing skills. You can tell ongoing stories in this format to keep readers engaged and then sell extra stories or products on your website.

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