How Booker Can Help Manage Your Service Business

How Booker Scheduling Software Can Help Manage Your Service Business

As the online business competition gets tougher by the day, many businesses and industry professionals are looking for tools that can improve the way they connect with their customers. One such tool is Booker, a technology platform that develops, markets and supports cloud-based management systems for appointment-based businesses such as spas, tattoo parlors, salons, hospitality and wellness businesses.

The company claims that 128,000 plus professionals, at over 11,100 locations, are already using the software to grow their local businesses daily.

So What Are the Features?

Booker is what you would call a one-stop shop for all your business needs. “We take care of the booking, payment, customer management, and marketing… so you can take care of your customers,” reads a statement on the company’s website.

Attracting Customers

They have a wide marketing network that can help you get more customers during “slow periods.” Their distribution partners include Google, Yelp, SpaFinder, Yellow Pages, MapQuest among others.

On top of that, they also offer a customized booking page that quickly and seamlessly integrates with your website design. This makes it absolutely easy to flaunt your services to clients as well as help them to take the next step in booking an appointment.

Their intelligent business dashboard makes it absolutely easy to know where your customers are coming from, how much they are spending as well as the marketing initiatives that are driving repeat business vs new business.

Booking Clients

Booker gives you a chance to easily and quickly book new clients. Their software seamlessly integrates with websites and you can, if you want, customize the design of your booking to match your business/brand. Booker’s design has the ability to schedule multiple classes or services at a go.

The software is also mobile friendly and accessible from all forms of devices including mobile phones and tablets. They as well offer a Facebook Booking App that makes it absolutely easy for social networkers to purchase gift certificates, book appointments, and view promotions without having to leave Facebook.

Seamless Checkout System

Booker’s Point Of Sale system connects with your credit card process to ensure seamless real time transactions. The POS system also allows you to capture data and securely take payments from every sale.

Also, the software allows you to turn your mobile gadgets in to payment terminals, which means you can quickly authorize and capture charges anywhere in your store.

Management of Both Customers and Employees

To reduce on time and save on errors, use Booker for payroll management and employee scheduling. You can use the software to improve customer relationships by viewing the last time they visited your website and the purchases they made. The company says simple, reliable built in tools help users track vendor and product inventory for both online and in-store sales will help you keep tabs on your inventory.

Customer Loyalty

One thing that many businesses grapple with is customer loyalty. However, Booker makes it easy to attain and retain both old and new customers.

Earlier in the year, Booker acquired Frederick, a software company with tools that help businesses to automatically sync their schedule with highly targeted email campaigns and promotions. This makes it extremely easy for you to stay in touch and engaged with your new and existing customers, nurturing loyalty.

Looking to offer a new product or service? Use Booker’s survey tool to help you make the best decisions about improvements or changes to your business.


Booker offers three pricing tiers: Basic ($85 per month), Standard ($135 per month) and Plus, which is a custom service that provides flexible customization options that’s best for multi-location businesses that are seeking to maximize their ROI.

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  1. Very cool and a great price for that many features. Could be a real win for a small business.