Want to Live in Buckingham Palace? The Royal Family is Hiring (Watch)

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a palace, now is your chance. Buckingham Palace, the modern home of the U.K.’s royal family is hiring a housekeeper.

The job entails cleaning and caring for the interior spaces of the palace, as well as helping with special events and taking care of guests. It’s a big job, yet the annual salary is just about $22,000 a year.

That salary might seem low, especially for a job that requires applicants to care for historic and irreplaceable items. However, the job comes with one huge and really unique perk – you get to actually live in the palace.

Oh, and meals are included too. Compared to getting the chance to live in Buckingham Palace, that’s more of a footnote. But free food prepared by palace chefs is nothing to scoff at.

Great Work Perks Can Attract Employees

Your small business likely doesn’t have room and board at a palace to offer your employees. But this job posting shows just how powerful some job perks can be when it comes to attracting employees.

You Still Need to Offer the Basics

You shouldn’t totally cut down your employees’ salaries just because you added a ping pong table to the break room. But offering a cool or unique work environment can sometimes give employees a better feel about a company. And if you’re able to attract the best employees and actually keep them, it could help you create an even better working environment in the long run — even if it’s not in a palace.

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  1. It would be a privelege to work there. This is really interesting. I am just surprised that they advertised it like this.

  2. I would not be a house hand even if it were for god him/herself. Now someone remind me the purpose of royalty again? God ordained rulers? Bull! They are not only parasites but …Anyways, a prvilage life of s servant? My ancestors did that emnough. Histopry is full of servant stories. I do not need to ad my name to the list. 22,000 and the scraps of someone’s table,and someone who does not earn that money at that! They can keep the insults