Your 13 Point Holiday Marketing Checklist to Boost Sales

holiday marketing checklist

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Ecommerce marketers are already starting to go through their Holiday marketing checklist — that is, if they’re smart. Because they know, as you should, it’s never too early to start planning.

Holiday Marketing Checklist

Avoid Abandoned Shopping Carts by Using Mobile Wallets

The use of mobile wallets continues to grow exponentially. It’s got to be consumer-friendly to the nth degree to avoid massive checkout abandonment.

Don’t Forget Mobile Attribution

holiday marketing checklist

Mobile attribution is a keystone to marketing success this year. Are you able to connect your mobile spend with meaningful non-mobile results? Financial results? The big boys, like Walmart and Target, are already geared up for that. What are you waiting for?

Direct Mobile Customers to Your Landing Pages

holiday marketing checklist

The mobile customer is a voracious consumer of every media platform. You’ve got to recognize them as a major market and source of income. Mobile customers control just what media they will interact with you on, so your job is to make sure that whatever media it may be, from Facebook to Twitter, you are set up to receive them and direct them to your landing page with a minimum of hassle or delay.

Small Business Deals

This Holiday season will truly be the Day of the Multi-Device Shopper. So be prepared on all fronts.

Use Facebook to Retarget Ecommerce Customers

holiday marketing checklist

Ad platforms are morphing fast. Facebook continues to be very lucrative when it comes to retargeting customers for ecommerce. They now offer in-store tracking. If you’re an omnichannel merchant, the clicks-to-bricks ratio is looking better all the time.

And their video platform is growing by leaps and bounds. There’s no telling how far they will be able to go this Holiday season with their video partnerships with eCommerce.

Facebook now ranks just behind YouTube for scalable video usage. Facebook continues to lead the way in two areas:

  • In the use of retargeting pixels. Just drop one at your site to instantly retarget abandoners. Dynamic catalog ads also take advantage of the customer’s curiosity about your brand.
  • In helping you to retarget your email subscribers. You can upload a CSV of your emails to Facebook to create your own customer audience. This would be your buyer file; these are the customers that have a record of buying from you. They tend to be kind of a static audience, so give them your best shot with ads so they don’t burn out.

Keep Google Changes in Mind

The true backbone of digital consumer acquisition for the past ten years is undoubtedly Google. Keep these Google changes in mind as you gear up for the Holidays.

Use Amazon Ads

The ads on Amazon continue to evolve. Many shopping trips now start at Amazon instead of at Google. Amazon added negative keywords to seller ads in late 2015. The Amazon vendor ad platform is gaining much more capability, including campaigns for Sponsored Products.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Don’t rush to make every marketing ploy new. There are many old stratagems out there that are still worth using:

Offer Gift Cards

holiday marketing checklist

Gift cards never grow stale. Offer them right up until December 24. Make eye-popping deals, such as giving the customer a $120 gift card when they pay for a $100 gift card.

Get Your Email List Tidied Up

Now is the time to get your email marketing list strengthened and lengthened. Have it ready to blast off by the time the goblins start knocking on doors for Halloween.

Get Your Content Schedule Lined Up

Your content marketing schedule should be setup to publish content a week prior to each holiday as it comes. You’re not going to be writing posts about career advice unless you’ve got a clear tie in to a specific holiday along with it.

Up the Ante on Your Retargeting Goals

Stick to your retargeting goals, and up the ante. These are consumers who nearly went through with a purchase. Track them down and throw everything you’ve got at them; discounts, two for the price of one, a free X-dollar gift card when they place an order over X dollars. And, of course, that old standby — free shipping!

Target the most recent visits the most aggressively. If they visited yesterday they are more likely to respond to you than if they visited a month ago.

Get Your Marketplace in Order

Right now — don’t wait until after Halloween. Keep an eye on reviews of your brand. Have inventory ready to go. Keep your sellers in check; cheap brand knock-offs are becoming a more serious problem this year than ever before.

Now’s the time to run a few load tests if you’re expecting really serious traffic. Make sure you’re compliant and up to date on all security matters. Hackers don’t knock off just because of the Holidays. They’ll be out there, sniffing like wolfs, looking for the weakest link in the cyber security chain. Make sure you’re not that link!

Assess Your Customer Service Staffing Needs

holiday marketing checklist

The Holidays are the roughest time of the year for customer service. Assess your staff right now to forecast any problems in December. Then deal with those problems now.

Maybe the cold weather hasn’t reached your part of the country yet, and nobody has gotten that Santa suit out of the mothballs — but those Holiday sales don’t come just because you’ve been a good little marketer.

Use this Holiday marketing checklist today:

Download it Now!

You’ve got to start your Holiday marketing planning now to reap that happy holiday harvest in a few months!

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  1. It may also be good to reach out to people who have abandoned their online shopping carts. I think that you may be able to do this as long as you have asked for their email.

    • That is a great idea Aira–shopping cart abandonment is a huge opportunity and the holidays are definitely the best time. Can’t believe I forgot that one. Thank you for the tip!

  2. Amanda,

    Is the holiday season starting on Black Friday?

    • It can start even earlier for marketing initiatives. Start planning now and get ready to launch anytime after Halloween in my opinion 🙂

  3. This is also the time to test and re-test results from previous campaigns to assess which didn’t work and which ones you can replicate. Thanks Amanda!