Outlook Getting High Marks for Playing Well With Others, Adds Google Drive, Facebook Integrations

Latest Outlook Web App Update Getting High Marks for Playing Well With Others, Adds Google Drive, Facebook Integrations

Over the next few weeks, the tech giant Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) will be adding support for Facebook photos and Google Drive to Outlook.com. These new additional features will also be accompanied by a fresh “attachments view” feature that makes it easier to find those old attachments, the company says.

Highlight From the Latest Outlook Web App Update

Easily Access Google Drive from Outlook

The new Google Drive integration with Outlook.com will presumably work the same way OneNote does with the free email and calendar service. Outlook mobile apps users have for a while now been able to access their Google Drive files and this success has obviously pushed the email service to introduce the same features on Outlook.com. “Whether you are using Outlook on the web or our mobile apps, your Google Drive files are just a click away,” the Outlook team said in the announcement post.

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Adding Google Drive is easy, the company says. You will only need to create a new message, tap the attachment icon, select Google Drive and enter your account details. This will lead you to your stored files and you can then browse and select your the ones you want.

Outlook Web App Update - Easily Access Google Drive from Outlook

The Outlook team also says that you can now edit Google file types with a shared link. Your Google sheets, slides and docs also open within Outlook as a way of ensuring your work flow is not disrupted.

Outlook’s Support for Facebook

Alongside Google Drive support, Microsoft is also now offering some support for Facebook. You will now be able to connect your Facebook account with Outlook, easily browsing and directly attaching photos from the social media platform. This should be an easy way to search and share content especially with users that are outside your Facebook’s friends list.

Easily Locate Attachments

On top of the new Facebook and Google Drive integrations, Microsoft also says it is making easier to find attachments using its “attachments view” feature. Whenever you have a long message thread there will be an attachment icon at the top with the number of attachments on the thread. Click on it and you will see a drop down menu showing all the attachments on the thread.

All of these new features will require the new Outlook web version that’s currently rolling out, so if you haven’t received the updated features yet then they should be with you in the next few weeks.

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  1. The question here is ‘are they contented with just playing with others?’ After all, you want to be known for something. It is not enough to just play with others.

  2. The beta version of Outlook is truly AWFUL. How could developers so easily convert an intuitively friendly email into such a monstrosity.

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