Productivity Tool: Listen to Phone Calls Through Your Fingertip?

Productivity Tool: Sgnl Smart Strap Lets You Make Phone Calls with Your Fingertips

Remember those slick spy movies where the hero simply pressed a button to make a quick call during a covert mission? The secret agent fantasy is all set to become a reality when Sgnl, a smart strap hits the market soon.

Sgnl is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

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How Does the Sgnl Smart Strap Work?

What’s most fascinating about Sgnl is its simplicity. To take a call, you need to just place your fingertip to your ear and speak through an embedded microphone in  the strap of your watch.

What’s more, you can simply replace your current watch strap with Sgnl and have your own Secret Service-like gadget. It doesn’t matter if you wear a Samsung Gear or just a classic watch, all you need is the Sgnl strap to start making calls.

As far as voice clarity is concerned, Sgnl improves user experience by blocking out background noise. In other words, you can hear everything clearly, even when you’re in a crowded place. And because sound is contained within your ear, Sgnl ensures only you hear the voice, not those around you.

Compatibility with Watches

Sgnl complements smartwatches by allowing you to monitor your activity and receive notifications, while having complete call privacy through fingertip communication. This however, doesn’t mean that it’s designed only for smartwatch users.

The strap can easily transform your classic watch into a hybrid smartwatch with fingertip communication, smart alert features and fitness tracking.

You may also wear it as a standalone smart band while retaining all its core features.

Smart Straps: The Next Big Thing?

Interest in smart straps seems to be growing at a steady pace. Take the Pal smart strap, for instance. This new GPS and battery smart strap turns the Pebble Time device into a sports tracker.

Speculations are also rife that Apple may be launching a multi-function band along the second-generation wearable soon.

For now, Sgnl is generating significant interest in the tech space. The product has already received 3,178 backers — earliest backers pledging $99 or more will receive one Sgnl smart strap set.

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