Tesla Hackers Prove the Importance of Product Testing (Watch)

With great technology comes great responsibility. That’s what Tesla and other high-tech car companies are learning now that they’re working on creating autonomous vehicles and other technologically advanced driving features.

A group of hackers recently tested whether or not they could access into Tesla vehicles from miles away — and they were successful. They were able to override the car’s controls, open the trunk, unlock the doors and even apply the breaks. Cars had to be at least somewhat nearby and connected to a malicious WiFi hotspot in order for those hacks to work. But it is possible that drivers could be in that type of situation at some point if they’re not aware of the potential risks involved.

Luckily, this group of hackers, known as Keen Security Lab, only wants to expose security flaws so that companies can better protect their customers from those types of attacks in the future. So they sent a report to Tesla. And the company is now working on patches that should fix those security issues.

Why Test a Product?

Though your small businesses probably isn’t working on something as technologically advanced as a Tesla smart car, this demonstrates the importance of constantly testing and updating your products, no matter how large or small your business. Whether it’s making sure your product doesn’t cause unforeseen harm to customers or that it does what you it will do, product testing can be a helpful tool.

Image: Tesla

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  1. A while ago a man using Tesla’s auto pilot had a car accident, now hackers have breached a Tesla car’s software from afar. Tesla should definitely keep testing and improving their software in order to make us clients feel safe.