Xero Announces Improved Integration with PayPal

Xero and Paypal Integration Announced along with Other Improvements

Xero (NZE:XRO), the cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses, has been on a roll this year having already offered its customers a way to support credit card payments through Stripe and to access a variety of payment options when preparing an invoice.

Xero and Paypal Integration, More

The company also announced support for Braintree payment services and made online invoice pages responsive to the size of the viewer’s screen.  But if you thought the company was done for the year, think again! Xero just announced a host of improvements, including a new checkout experience for your customers with PayPal (NASDAQ:PYPL) Express Checkout, automatic matching of payments and fees against an invoice and real-time update on the status of an invoice in Xero.

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Other changes to expect include:

Immediate Acknowledgment of Customers’ Payments

Xero’s integration with PayPal has simplified your customer’s invoice payment process. It only takes a couple of clicks. Once your customer pays, your online invoice automatically updates showing the payment, the company says.

Payment is Reflected in Xero

All payments are also automatically reflected in Xero so you do not have to keep wondering about the status of your invoice. Receipt of payment will show up in two places: in the “receive money” transaction field and in the history and notes of the invoice.

Automatic Management of PayPal and Stripe Fees

The cloud-based accounting software also automatically manages Stripe and PayPal fees and you can now see this in the history and notes section of the invoice. There is a link that leads to the transaction under “spend money” and you will also be able to see the corresponding payment ID from Stripe or PayPal.

Xero also automatically matches PayPal fees and payments, ready for fast reconciliation.

The beauty of all this is that the Xero upgrade is free. You only need to update your settings in payment services.

The free upgrade offers you with a powerful and integrated solution so you can focus more on delighting your customers, making sales and getting paid quickly.

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