86 Percent of Businesses Plan to Hire Part-Timers on Full Time After the Holiday

2016 Holiday Hiring Trends: 86 Percent of Businesses Plan to Hire Part-Timers on Full Time After the Holiday

Most small businesses are more likely to retain their temporary workers after the holidays, a new survey has found.

According to Snagajob’s Holiday Hiring 2016 Annual Report, 86 percent of employers are likely to hire temporary workers full time after the holidays.

2016 Holiday Hiring Trends

Small Businesses to Hire More

The survey found 90 percent of businesses are planning to hire this year. That’s up 10 percent from last year.

Employers are planning to offer their workers an average 27 hours a week, up 8 percent from 2014 and 17 percent from 2015.

Also worth noting is that employers are paying their workers more. The biggest change was in retail, which went up to $13.90 per hour in 2016 from $9.70 in 2015.

What Businesses are Looking for in Seasonal Employees

When it comes to recruiting seasonal employees, three things that matter the most to businesses are:

  • Positive attitude/eagerness to have the job,
  • Ability to work the daily schedule employer’s need and
  • Commitment to work the entire holiday season.

“The retail space is increasingly competitive,” Craig Rowley, global leader of Hay Group’s retail practice told The Wall Street Journal. “If I’m hiring a seasonal employee, I’m looking for someone who reflects my brand. Understanding the customer and why they are there makes you more effective.”

Tip on Hiring the Right Seasonal Employees

Seasonal employees play an important role during the busiest time of the year. It’s therefore essential to find the right people for the job.

Experts recommend starting the recruitment process early.

“If you’re a retailer who’s not hiring in September, you’re giving your competitors a lead on you,” Daniel Butler, vice president of retail operations at the National Retail Federation told Inc.com.

For the report, Snagajob surveyed over 1,000 hourly employers. Snagajob is a Virginia-based job search engine website.

Image: Snagajob

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