What Prosthetic Limbs Can Teach You About Setting and Achieving Business Goals (Watch)

Today’s prosthetic limbs are fairly advanced. But there’s still work to do.

Getting prosthetic limbs to move just by thinking was a major advancement. But now researchers are focusing more on getting feedback from the limbs to the person moving them, just the way you can feel surfaces, textures and temperatures with your own hands and feet. Researchers are attempting to use brain implants to emulate that sense of touch. And although there’s a way to go, testers have reported sensations like warmth and pressure on their prosthetic fingers.

Researchers are also working on a couple of other abilities, like better motor control and fine positioning capabilities. Overall, the goal is to get a prosthetic to work exactly like a regular limb. And from there, scientists may even be able to improve the technology further.

While there’s no outline or plan available to show researchers exactly how to achieve that goal, at least they have a good picture of what they want to accomplish. That sense of direction is important when it comes to achieving any goal, whether it’s related to business, science or any other area of expertise.

You’re More Likely to Succeed if You Begin with the End in Mind

And if scientists can use an actual human limb as a blueprint for what they want their own creations to be able to do, then just think of what your business can accomplish if you begin with the end in mind.

Image: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab/Newsy

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