Pepsi Drinks Will Contain Less Sugar – in 2025 (Watch)

If you plan on drinking PepsiCo beverages after 2025, you’re likely to get a beverage that has less than 100 calories from added sugars. By that date, the company plans to make two-thirds of its 12-oz. beverages meet that requirement.

This move comes after the Food and Drug Administration introduced new requirements for listing added sugars. It also comes about one week after the World Health Organization urged countries to tax sugary beverages in an effort to reduce obesity and tooth decay.

PepsiCo has a large array of different beverages, from carbonated sodas to SoBe teas and even Starbucks coffee drinks. At this point, it’s unclear exactly which of the beverages are likely to change. But the company did say that it plans to reformulate some of its carbonated soft drinks and create some new low-calorie beverages.

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These changes might be more out of necessity than desire at this point. But it still likely makes a lot of sense for the soft drink company at a time when many consumers are becoming more cognizant of health issues and the labels on their food and drink purchases.

Changing Customer Tastes Often Require a Business Shift

Businesses large and small need to look at changing with the times and with consumer tastes if they plan to stay around. That goes for every business from the biggest soft drink empire to the smallest corner store.

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  1. I doubt Mountain Dew will be one of the sodas, which is a win/lose for me personally.

  2. It is about time. But what are they going to substitute? If it is just artificial sweeteners, then I don’t like it as well.