Dirty Secrets of Small Business Revealed in New Radio Show

A new small business radio show in the Cleveland area is dispensing invaluable advice. Those outside the city may want to check out the show's free podcast.

First time business owners often struggle to find their footing when setting up a new enterprise. Each hurdle presents new questions, and sometimes aspiring entrepreneurs haven’t got anywhere to turn to find answers.

Business partners Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter have set out to change that through their weekly radio show.

Airing every Monday, Dirty Secrets of Small Business aims to debunk the common myths of business ownership, expose the impact of government regulation and share small business success stories with listeners from across the globe.

Both Mencini and Sonnhalter have got plenty of “how to” experience to offer, having owned and operated 20 small companies and helped hundreds more via their business coaching and consulting firm, Maximum Value Partners (MVP).

And although the pair have found immense success through MVP, they told Small Business Trends that when an opportunity presented itself to launch a radio show that could provide advice to a far wider audience, they “jumped at the chance”.

A Peek INside the Dirty Little Secrets of Small Business Radio Show

“Our goal is to provide the listeners with helpful tips for how to solve common issues in their business,” Mencini said.

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“We’d also like the listeners to know that no matter what opportunities or challenges they are facing in their business, someone has been through it before and can help them take the next step.”

Every week, Mencini and Sonnhalter sit down and brainstorm a theme for the show. But according to the hosts, there are a few recurring questions that pop up on every program — including how to get people to take ownership for their responsibilities in a company, how to grow more quickly and how to transition a business to “the next generation.”

Above all else, Sonnhalter says the show is about reassuring small business owners that they are not alone, and that help is always within reach.

“It can be very lonely when owning your own business. All the things coming at you on a daily basis can also be a bit overwhelming in addition to being exhilarating,” he said.

“It’s key to have a place to go for the owner to stay motivated and on top of their games.  It’s also great to be able to avoid some common mistakes that other owners have made and be able to learn from other people’s successes as well as failures.”

Dirty Secrets of Small Business airs every Monday at noon on Integrity Radio WINT 101.5 FM -1330 AM in Cleveland, Ohio. It’s also available as a free audio podcast on iTunes.

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  1. I think it is all about being open to trying things out and failing. If it fails, that doesn’t mean that everything is over. You can always start again or just try something else.