Publicize Zero Launches Free Public Relations Solution for Startups and Growing Businesses

Publicize Zero Launches Free Public Relations Solution for Startups and Growing Businesses

Publicize, a PR platform for startups and entrepreneurs, this week announced the launch of Publicize Zero, a free, DIY public relations platform that aims to open up PR for the estimated 100 million startup founders that launch businesses annually across the world, regardless of their location or budget.

If you operate a growing small business or an early-stage startup with a limited budget and are looking for a free PR solution or media awareness, this new self-serve, public relations platform launched by Publicize might be exactly what your company needs.

Publicize Zero’s Free Public Relations Solution

Publicize Zero rolled out as a free platform that guides users through public relations strategies to have all materials and knowledge necessary to run a successful PR campaign. Although Publicize Zero includes additional features and services for paying clients, Publicize stated it was important to them that they also provided a fully-featured free version to entrepreneurs, regardless of their location or budget.

“Publicize Zero is the latest in a line of innovative PR solutions that we have rolled out this year,” said Xander Kahle, Head of Product at Publicize, the PR firm whose stated mission is to turn traditional PR on its head. “Publicize has moved beyond standard PR by making our services available to everyone at no cost. We aim to help businesses secure the meaningful media coverage they need,” explained Kahle in a press release announcing the launch of the new service .

With Publicize Zero, users will not only access an interactive dashboard providing a step-by-step process to help manage their PR campaigns, but also educational resources that include insightful webinars from leading media thought leaders. Additionally, users will be able to chat directly with an account manager or professional strategist any time between 9 and 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday, said the PR startup.

Affordable PR Solution for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Traditionally, large PR agencies demand retainers of up to $20,000 a month, according to a report cited by Publicize. Figures like this are daunting, especially for small businesses and early-stage startups. Publicize, which was founded in July 2014 by Conrad Egusa, an entrepreneur and former tech journalist at VentureBeat, nevertheless says it can offer businesses — whether in technology, entertainment, fashion, or other industries — a range of high quality, premium services at a more affordable price point.

Unlike traditional “full-service” PR firms that can charge thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, Publicize said its paid PR Service starts at an affordable $399 per month with up to a 100 percent money-back guarantee each month. The company added that with the paid service there are additional media opportunities and 100 percent transparency with journalist communications at all time.

And now, with the newly launched Publicize Zero, the PR startup said it wants to bring free PR solutions to millions of businesses around the world that want to execute their own PR plans. This, the startup hopes, will ultimately help it become the go-to PR platform for startup entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike.

“Publicize Zero was built so that anyone, regardless of their location or prior successes, could grow his or her profile and media awareness for free,” said Egusa in the release. “Our focus has always been to add on value and minimize risk for entrepreneurs — this new platform is an exciting and important step for everyone on our team.”

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  1. Sounds like a great tool that would allow a motivated startup or SMB to really do great PR work without the huge PR budget. I like it.

  2. Except that this is not what PR is about. You need a dedicated person to be doing the work. How many entrepreneurs and small business CEOs have the time to do this for themselves (at least I certainly don’t). There are also A LOT of small PR firms or freelancers who are NOT $20,000 a month. Our PR firm is $3,000 per month, and worth every penny. But smart of this PR firm to get their own press, LOL.

  3. This sounds like a great idea. Will it be available on an international scale?