Google Releases Tool Kit to Speed Up Your Mobile Small Business Site

Google Releases Mobile Web Speed Toolkit to Help Your Mobile Small Business Site Load More Quickly

Simply having your website load on mobile devices is no longer enough. Mobile sites have to also be fast, interactive and relevant. With this realization, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) recently announced a mobile web speed toolkit that should help all publishers build a faster mobile web experience.

Last month, Google released a new study, “The Need for Mobile Speed” that highlighted the impact of mobile latency on publisher revenue. The study analyzed 10,000 plus mobile web domains sharing insights about the impact of mobile latency on user experience.

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Some of the findings indicate that 53 percent of website visitors leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load, yet three out of four top mobile sites take more than four seconds to load.

The study also revealed strong correlations between page speeds and bounce rates, revenue, viewability and session duration.

For instance, in terms of revenue, the study claims that sites that load in under five seconds get two times more revenue than those that take 19 seconds or more. The study also says that there was a 25 percent higher viewability observed for sites that loaded in five seconds versus the ones that took 19 seconds.

Introducing the Mobile Web Speed Toolkit

“It’s clear mobile speed matters to the success of publisher sites, but making mobile load times a priority doesn’t always make achieving speed easy,” said Jay Castro from the Google AdSense team. The company says it created the web speed tool kit specifically to address these challenges.

With the toolkit, you can now assess the different components impacting your website’s speed. You can also improve your your site speed by improving performance and prioritizing the order in which your site loads.

While having relevant and interesting content on your website is important, the relationship between speed and publisher revenue cannot be overlooked.

Image: Google

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  1. Mobile is in and Google knows that it has to be ahead of the analytics game. So more than just providing free tools, it can also get to analyze the mobile sites. Win-win.

  2. Thanks for sharing such an awesome idea. Will apply in our upcoming software applications.

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