9 Easy Ways to Monitor Your Company’s Image Online

Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share ideas on how to monitor your online image including way to automate tracking your company's reputation.

Like it or not, what people say about your company online matters. It can affect future partnerships and business deals, not to mention your brand.

That’s why we asked nine entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

“What is the best way to monitor your company’s image online?”

How to Monitor Your Online Image

Here’s what YEC community members had to say:

1. Produce Your Own Content

“We consistently publish our own content, be it through my columns or through Kelsey Meyer’s (Influence & Co.’s president) columns. This helps us lead the conversation not only around what we do, but also around what the industry is doing. This content establishes us as leaders in the space and thus gives us a lot of control over our company’s image.” ~ John HallInfluence & Co.

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2. Reverse Image Search Your Logo and Images

“We use TinEye to conduct a reverse image search on our logo and images like infographics. TinEye will search through 15.9 billion images on the internet and provide you with URLs of any websites using our images. Originally we started using them as a link building tactic, but quickly realized it was a great way to monitor our brand. I highly recommend that you do this once a month.” ~ Brett FarmiloeMarkitors

3. Use Google Alerts and Mention

“We use a mix of Google Alerts and Mention to monitor conversations and coverage surrounding our brand. You can set it up to listen on the conversations across social media channels, blogs and websites for your company’s brand. This helps you learn what people are talking about and how they perceive your brand or company.” ~ Rahul VarshneyaArkenea LLC

4. Set Social Media Queries

“We monitor all of our brand terms across all social channels. It’s an almost grassroots approach to image management because we want to ensure any critical brand mentions are squashed before they start trending or receive media attention. At the same time, we also want to be the first to know of any positive experiences with our business, so we can try to drive publicity to those testimonials.” ~ Firas KittanehAmerisleep

5. Check Out Mention and Glassdoor

“At EVENTup, we use Google Alerts on so we’re notified of any press. Another great tool that we use is Mention. Mention sends us updates on places (social media, publications, etc.) where our name has been mentioned around the web, whether it be a link or just the use of our name. We also like to stay on top of checking Glassdoor for any reviews from past or present employees.” ~ Jayna Cooke, EVENTup

6. Track Mentions With BirdEye

BirdEye allows you to monitor what people are saying about your business on almost every review-based platform (Avvo, Yelp, Google, etc.). With email alerts when your company has been reviewed, BirdEye makes it easy to keep up with all reviews. However, the rest is up to you. Responding to bad reviews and sharing good reviews is a great way to help keep up with your company’s image.” ~ Shalyn DeverChatter Buzz

7. Actively Monitor Your Company

“The best way to monitor your company’s image online? Yourself. There are plenty of monitoring tools out there that can notify you whenever your name or business is mentioned online. I use Google Alerts. It’s easy, free, and I can completely customize it. It brings a peace of mind that information regarding my business, employees, or myself are seen through a positive lens.” ~ Wesley MathewsHigh Level Marketing

8. Make It Someone’s Job

“Hiring the best marketing manager in the world will not prevent the organic, and often difficult to predict image your company will begin to build online. This is a combination of many things, and if you’ve reached a level of success conducive to garnering widespread community response when your company makes mistakes, you’re in a position to hire a team that can find and deal with these issues.” ~ Blair ThomasFirst American Merchant

9. Use Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a crazy powerful tool for tracking your brand’s online image. It gives you access to data from over 80 million sources, including social networks, blogs, news sites, and forums. Charting, categorization, sentiment analysis: the features for parsing data are almost as impressive as the data itself.” ~ Brian LischerIgnyte

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  1. I love the use of Mention and Google Alerts. It sends an email every time your brand is mentioned somewhere. I think that it is a great way to track how you are doing online.

  2. Google Alerts is a good tool to track all of the trends that you are interested in happening on the internet.

  3. Knowing how people will react to the content the company puts out there before it is ever posted is crucial. I like what Influenceandco is doing.

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