Tesla is Innovative – But Is It Reliable? (Watch)

Innovation and reliability don’t always go hand in hand – at least not for Tesla. The automotive company ranked 25 out of 29 in Consumer Reports’ latest reliability survey, which is a known standard in the industry.

Of course, the car company is known for being more innovative and cutting edge than many others in the industry. But some of its innovative features, like falcon wing doors, were sources of reliability problems. And then there are the well-documented issues with the company’s autopilot feature, which is still being tested. So this survey isn’t likely to do anything to calm people’s concerns.

However, it’s not all bad news for Tesla. The Model S, which is the company’s more established car model, saw its scores improve from below average to average. And the only other model tested was fairly new, which can often lead to reliability issues for any car brand.

Beware the Innovation Versus Reliability Trade-Off

Overall, it seems that Tesla still has some work to do. Innovation is great. And it’s making Tesla stand out in its market. But in order to attract a wide base of customers, you have to have the basic stuff like reliability down as well. That may come with time. But it’s an important thing for innovative businesses in all industries to keep in mind.

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  1. The problem starts when the idea that your company is not reliable becomes so widespread that it starts to affect your sales. It may be best to correct it when it is just beginning.