Microsoft Touts Surface Book i7 as Ultimate Laptop — with Ultimate Price Tag

Microsoft Surface Book i7 Touted as Ultimate Laptop -- with Ultimate Price Tag

Coined the ultimate laptop by Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), the new Surface Book i7 packs a punch, in terms of performance and the bruising your wallet will take.

The announcement of the new i7 comes just as Microsoft released Surface Studio, another bruiser that is squarely aimed at taking on Apple’s stronghold among creative users. And for the first time, Apple really may have something to worry about.

A Look At the Microsoft Surface Book i7

The Surface Book i7 starts at $2,399 for the 8GB/256GB; $2,799 for the 8GB/512GB; and $3,299 for the 16GB/ 1TB models. The devices feature a 6th Gen Intel Core i7, which may have real power users asking why Microsoft didn’t use the newest 7th-gen Intel Kaby Lake CPU.

Since these are portable devices, the 16 hours of battery life Microsoft is promising is a great place to start. The bttery life is impressive for a power unit like this. The portability is thanks in part to the 2-in-1 design that allows users to detach the screen for a full-featured tablet with the compatible Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Book i7 Touted as Ultimate Laptop -- with Ultimate Price Tag

The GPU is the biggest upgrade, which lets the Surface Book address a wide range of users. From gamers to small business owners that own design, architectural and engineering firms, there is a configuration that will address most use cases.

The GeForce GTX 965M with 2GB of GDDR5 doubles the graphics performance of the old Surface Book Pro, according to Microsoft. The images the GPU delivers will be on the 13.5-inch PixelSense display with 3000 x 2000 (267 PPI) and a 10 point multi-touch.

Affordability for the Small Business

Starting at $2,399, the Surface Book i7 is definitely not for everyone. However, there are small business that can use these computers to improve their workflow, whether they are in the office, on the road or at home. If the company’s specs are correct, this is a device that can replace all other PCs.

The new Surface Book starts shipping on November 11, but you can pre-order now here.

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  1. It’s simply insane to me how much computing power they can get into such a small device and still have it be a full touchscreen. And yes, it costs a fortune, but getting the power of a desktop, the mobility of a laptop and a detachable tablet makes it the perfect 3-in-1 purchase.

  2. HI Robert,
    I agree. It is a great device, and well worth the price considering all of the options it offers.

  3. I have been looking all over for this. I think that it is interesting to have a PC and tablet in one. And since it is run by Microsoft, it is somewhat the same as a Windows PC.