Instagram, FedEx, Twitter Among Most Trusted by Small Businesses, Alignable Says

Small Businesses' Most Trusted Brands of 2016 Include Instagram, FedEx, Twitter, Alignable Says

What brands do you trust the most to provide you with key services and products to grow your business?

Helping you in this quest, Alignable, an online networking site for small and local business owners, regularly offers a list of the best websites for small business growth.

Small Businesses’ Most Trusted Brands of 2016

In its latest SMB Trust Index released Oct. 27, 2016, Alignable ranked Instagram, FedEx, Twitter, Amazon and Google among the most trusted brands of 2016. Comcast and were, however, ranked among the least trusted brands.

Overall, Instagram is the most trusted website. Alignable, however, makes it easier to find the most trusted brands by category. Here are a few Categories.

Business Management: Mindbody is the hands-down winner in this category. It is an online business management software that best suits appointment-based businesses. The automated marketing and communications software for campaign marketing and systems management Intuit DemandForce came in second.

Email Marketing: MailChimp earned the highest marks among business owners in this category. The cloud-based email marketing service is still a top performer despite a dip in its popularity in July. Constant Contact and AWeber also received top ratings.

eCommerce: The usual suspects, Shopify and BigCommerce earned the top nod in this category. Many small businesses use this service to create and maintain an ecommerce website.

Digital Marketing: The top performer in the Q3 2016 list Instagram topped this category. You would however think that Google, the search engine that touches every small business in one way or another would be higher in ranking than Amazon and Twitter. That, however, was not the case as it came in fourth in the list. Yelp on the other hand was the least trusted platform in this category.

Payment Systems: Square, and PayPal all got good ratings from business owners for their payment, financial and credit services.

Interested in communication services, crowdfunding and lending, shipping services and accounting? Well you can get to know about the most trusted in these and more categories by visiting Alignable SMB Trust Rating. The Index comprises of over 9,000 ratings from businesses all across America.

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