NowDiscover Uses Machine Learning to Curate Video for Your Ecommerce Site

NowDiscover Ecommerce Video Curation Service Uses Machine Learning to Discover Video for Your Ecommerce Site

Videos can bring your product to life. They are powerful tools that can help you engage shoppers and drive conversions. The problem: they are still one of the most under-utilized ecommerce strategies.

Producing quality videos for your ecommerce site can be expensive and time consuming. Many ecommerce businesses have therefore settled for graphics and photos as an alternative.

This, however, doesn’t have to be the case as NowDiscover, a video recommendation platform, can help you to curate relevant videos for your website. It sits at the intersection of user-generated video content curation, machine learning and e-commerce. It’s an intelligent web application that enables Etailors and brands to algorithmically curate video content based on raw product data into a digital supply chain.

NowDiscover enables you to feature relevant video content alongside products. By simply integrating NowDiscover, you can now offer personalized video recommendations for every product in a dedicated video player directly on your product page.

The platform also provides you with an automated digital supply chain to curate video on demand. When activated, NowDiscover selects the most relevant videos from around the web to promote your products and displays them for your customers when they visit the site. The engaging and highly relevant videos will keep your customers engaged for their entire visit period.

For easy navigation and “findability,” content is categorized by type. More so, the platform is smart enough to learn your customers’ preferences and slowly improves the quality of curated videos based on your customers’ choices and purchases. Thanks to its machine learning abilities, the entire video curation process is now automated so you don’t have to break a sweat when curating videos.

You can now sign up to be part of the beta test.

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  1. First, there was written content curation. Now there is video. I think curation is now becoming common but not in the sense of having duplicate content but sharing content that matters.

  2. I will test out this service at some point in time…