Payroll City and EaseCentral Join Forces to Offer Real Time Integration of Payroll, HR, More for Small Businesses

Payroll City and EaseCentral Join Forces to Offer Real Time Integration of Payroll, HR, More for Small Businesses

Payroll City, a cloud-based Payroll and HR solution, recently announced a new partnership with EaseCentral, an HR and benefits software as a service (SaaS) platform, to launch real time integration of payroll, HR, benefits enrollment and Affordable Care Act compliance for small businesses with 2 to 200 employees.

The new integration capabilities will offer the combined feature set of EaseCentral — including real time Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection, automated paperless benefit enrollment and an easy onboarding and offboarding solution — added to the already existing “sophisticated” Payroll and HR and compliance solutions provided by Payroll City to clients across the U.S.

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A Look at the Payroll City and EaseCentral Partnership

Administration of Payroll, HR Enrollment Streamlined

According to Payroll City, its payroll and HR solutions, rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau, make it easy for companies to set up and manage over 50 types of benefits, coordinate payroll and HR, instantly generate employee ID’s, collaborate with employers on new hires, changes and terminations and deliver completed tax information — all from one location.

Following the partnership with EaseCentral, Payroll City businesses can now receive:

  • Cloud based payroll software;g
  • HR Solutions including, human resource information system, online HR resource, and HR support;
  • Employee portal and self onboarding;
  • Complex payrolls (Certified, restaurant, job costing, multi-state? No problem!);
  • Advanced reports exportable into various formats;
  • Workers’ comp pay as you go;
  • Affordable Care Act compliance reporting;
  • Benefits enrollment integration with EaseCentral;
  • Advanced POS integrations;
  • Time and attendance, scheduling;
  • Service with the company’s support staff, and more.

EaseCentral, which works with insurance brokers and small businesses to create integrated HR and benefits processes, says the partnership will help to significantly save time for insurance brokers, agents and employees by streamlining HR administration, enrollment and quoting processes.

“By streamlining the administration of HR enrollment and quoting processes for insurance brokers, agents and employees, our new integration capabilities are significantly saving time, as a process that often took weeks to complete and process can now be finished in a matter of minutes online,” said David Reid, founder and CEO of EaseCentral, in a press release announcing the partnership.

Employee Benefits Re-imagined

The burden of compiling data manually into spreadsheets and presenting other required documentation in a compatible format has been a nightmare for small businesses, noted the two HR software companies. And small businesses are faced with multiple challenges when trying to compete with larger companies’ health benefits, payroll, onboarding and HR solutions, said Payroll City and EaseCentralin the release.

Only large companies using costly enterprise solutions have traditionally been able to avoid getting lost in a sea of paperwork and the convoluted process of finding the best tailored health care options, with real-time pricing for both employers and employees, said the two online HR firms.

But now with the partnership, Payroll City and EaseCentral insist small and midsize business owners, employees and health insurance professionals can easily and affordably pull quotes and compare information from multiple carriers instantly from any desktop or mobile device and seamless integrated it with payroll date.

“Every small business can enjoy our easy to use, world class solution at a fraction of the cost of the complicated enterprise solutions today,” wrote the startups that appear to be going after established rivals like Zenefits and ADP, two popular payroll platforms for U.S. small businesses.

“I am very excited about our partnership with EaseCentral. The integration not only provides our customers with a simple end to end solution to manage payroll, HR, benefits enrollment, and ACA compliance, but it also enhances our partnership program for insurance agencies,” said Kathleen Fox, President of Payroll City.

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