That’s Pintastic! Pinterest Crosses 150 Million Monthly Users

That's Pintastic! Pinterest Crosses 150 Million Monthly Users

Pinterest has surpassed 150 million monthly active users, with more than 75 billion ideas shared. That’s a 50 percent increase from last year when it crossed 100 million monthly users.

But more than the big milestone, the company is excited about the diverse group of people using the site.

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Pinterest Crosses 150 Million Monthly Users

A Landmark for Pinterest

Interestingly over half of the people on Pinterest, and 75 percent of new signups, are from outside the United States.

What’s more, about 40 percent of users are men, which is 70 percent more than last year.

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Pinterest

Pinterest now has 70 million monthly users in the United States, ahead of Twitter which reported 60 million domestic users.

As the numbers suggest, Pinterest is a great platform for businesses to reach their audience.

Moreover, the site drives significant referral traffic. According to Shareaholic research, about 5 percent of all referral traffic to sites comes from Pinterest. In other words, businesses with clickworthy content on Pinterest have a better chance of driving conversions.

On top of everything else, user engagement on Pinterest is extremely high. That’s good for businesses interested in connecting with their customers.

How to Make the Most of Pinterest

If used optimally, Pinterest can help brands engage audience and boost marketing efforts.

A simple tip is to first complete your profile to reflect new promotions or branding initiatives.

Another good idea is to pin gifs and videos along with regular images. You should also install the Pin It button to make it easier for prospective customers to know about your business.

Finally, you can even check the amount of traffic your site gets from Pinterest. Pinterest Analytics can tell you the pins and boards that are getting maximum attention from the clicks and re-pins they are getting.

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  1. The most interesting stat here for me is the 60/40 split on women/men for new users. Lots of guys getting on the Pinterest bandwagon.

  2. Pinterest is truly growing. This shows that the image sharing industry is booming as well. 150 million users is no joke. And it means that the platform is now getting more integrated into people’s lives.

  3. Their MAU might look impressive, but that’s because they put a lot of money and effort in advertisement in UK and Japan.
    The new users attracted by the ads do not stay too long. They have hard time expanding their revenue as well.

  4. I am a total Pinterest addict. The conversions I see with my pins are very encouraging. Currently have over 400k impressions a month and 30k per day. Learning how best to use this network for SEO and marketing for my small company. I am shocked to learn that male traffic is growing. Pinterest is a very feminine community. I could see how the guys are wanting in on the action. Pinterest is very useful to visual learners for sure. Have a look at my boards and I will follow you back. 😉 Great article!