SendPro 300 All In One Smart Sending Device Addresses Shipping Woes for Small Business

SendPro 300 All In One Smart Sending Device Addresses Shipping Woes for Small Business

The SendPro 300 Smart Sending Device from Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI) is an all-in-one shipping system designed specifically for small businesses. It brings together the hardware, software and service to simplify this essential business function using the latest technology.

Small business owners know there is no one shipping company that delivers on everything. Logistics and capability have made it almost impossible. Pitney Bowes claims to have overcome this challenge by bringing together the biggest companies in the segment as part of its SendPro 300 platform.

What Do You Get with the SendPro 300 All In One?

This is an integrated shipping and mailing system that brings together different carriers with one platform along with the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud. At only 16 pounds and with dimensions of 19.5” in length x 15.4” in depth x 13” in height, it doesn’t take much space.

SendPro 300 All In One: What's Included?

For businesses that have to send letters, the device can process 45 letters per minute. And if you need to send packages, the device comes with a standard 10 lb. capacity scale to weigh and print the label with the multi-carrier shipping printer. You can control these and other functions with the seven inch color touch screen display.

The company insists a major feature of the SendPro 300 is integration with the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud. Using the cloud, the company has managed to connect businesses and shipping vendors with analytics and APIs to unlock innovative features. It keeps you up to date with automatic postal updates, low ink alerts with AutoInk, service warnings and diagnostic notifications, the company says.

The applications gets rid of shipping complexities with a single user interface that supports compliant label printing. There’s also tracking of deliveries with a consolidated report of all users and carriers. This lets you make informed decisions so you can better control your shipping and mailing costs, the company says.

Know Your Shipping Cost

As a small business, you sometimes can’t compete with the shipping offers that Amazon and others provide. But if you research your shipping options carefully, you can keep costs down and give your customers personalized services a multinational can’t.

For example, with the SendPro application, you can manage shipping with USPS, FedEX and UPS on your device by comparing options. There is a built-in discount with USPS or use negotiated rates with FedEX and UPS. This includes saving 25 percent on a 5 lb. package sent locally via USPS Priority Mail, and a minimum of 10 percent on every USPS Priority Mail Express shipment. As for UPS, you can get 18 percent discount of UPS Next Day Air and nine percent of UPS Ground Commercial and Residential.

Small business owners now have access to a global customer base, and in most cases getting to them entails shipping. The SendPro 300 Smart Sending Device might be one option businesses could consider to get a better handle on what it will cost them to ship anywhere.

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  1. I hope that shipping companies have a device like this so that you don’t have to go there if you need to send something. Everything can be done remotely.