New Promo Feature from Slidely Aims to Make Every Marketer Into a Video Creator: But Does it Succeed?

New Slidely Promo Feature from Aims to Make Every Marketer Into a Video Creator: But Does it Succeed?


Promo by Slidely brings video content to any business, small, medium or large, to help them participate in the video age. With Promo it is now possible to effortlessly create instant, affordable promotional videos with access to premium footage from Getty Images – the same premium footage used by the biggest name brands.

The current surge of videos in content marketing and social media channels is almost a clear indication of the ever increasing demand for visual content. In the past year alone, Facebook averaged about 1 billion video views per day and with the realization of just how effective videos can be, many businesses are now turning to videos to promote their products and services.

Nonetheless, creation of video content, especially high-quality video content can be time consuming and expensive too, but it no longer has to be as Slidely, a social video creation platform, recently announced a partnership with Getty Images that allows marketers, businesses and agencies to create instant, stunning promotional videos for social platforms.

The new Promo by Slidely platform allows you to upload photos, video, music and create a snappy looking product in minutes. Slidely’s partnership with Getty Images means that you now also get exclusive access to a deep library of nearly two million high quality stock video clips – the same premium footage used by the biggest name brands.

“The Social Media world and marketing professionals understand that video is the future of digital advertising and that it takes more than a single video to create impact.  However, professional promos have been difficult and expensive to produce until now. Promo is an effortless way to generate super engaging promotional videos tailored to your brand in a matter of minutes. Promo is not just about engaging more eyes; it’s about bringing more hearts into your brand’s world.” the CEO and Founder of Slidely Tom More told the Small Business Trends.

A Look at Slidely Promo

Getting Started

Getting started on Promo is pretty easy. You can either log in using your Facebook account or enter your details, which includes your name email address and password.

Slidely Promo - Getting Started

Next, you will be prompted to choose your business type. Choose form the simple drop-down menu. You can as well enter your sub-category details for best results.

Slidely Promo - Choose Your Business Type

Become the Video Director

Choose your preferred footage from the over 2 million footages in the video library. You can search using specific keywords. The good thing is that they allow you to preview the videos, so you can always try out a few.

Customize your Video

This is where you perfect your marketing video with your message, logo, and music. Select licensed music from their collection and you can as well add a message using their built-in editor. You can also edit fonts, color as well as replace footage during the edit process.

Slidely Promo - Customize Your Video


Promo provides you with a free account that you can use to learn the ropes and also experience what the platform has to offer before you register for the paid versions. Their pricing, however, might seem a bit high for startups given that you will have to part with $49, $99 for four videos per month and $199 for 10 videos per month. Nonetheless, having access to more than 2 high quality videos together with an easy to use platform somehow makes the packages worth the price. You probably won’t be able to get the same level of quality you get here at a lower price.

At the moment, Promo only has a desktop version but the company says that the Android and iOS versions will soon be available.



Antony Maina Antony Maina is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. His beat includes social media, general business reporting and exploring how people relate to technology. With a background in freelance writing, he is a contributor to other tech websites and can be found at Word4Bloggers.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, we’ve been using them for almost two months now, couldn’t be happier, great results and amazing customer service, our socials now feature great videos that help market our store (physical and online) and both parents and kids engage with the videos (we have actual mini conversations on sales/items in the posts themselves)

    One cool thing we get to do with Facebook is sometimes target people who interact with our videos, and other times post the videos while targeting competitors pages, we’ve tried that with other types of posts, and videos outperformed all of the others.

    Promo is so great and if anyone knows of similar services (that don’t require us to add own footage, tried that and guess we’re not amazing videographers;) would love to know,

  2. I have a different opinion. I have been trying to contact Slidely for 3 months now to cancel my subscription which by the way, is not what I signed up for, and I can not reach an actual company, person or even automated response for that matter. I tried to call the number on my bank statement, they are a joke and I just want the charges to stop. I bought one video, ONE, period. I want to cancel. period! they provide no easy way to do so. No proper contact details, no email information, nothing. What kind of reputable company does this? With that being said, I do not recommend this company to anyone.

    • Audree Augustus

      After posting the review on March 25, 2017 I was contacted by a slidely representative and they completely righted the wrong. They acted promptly and professionally. While the program was not what I needed, the product itself, the video creation and posting, did exactly what it promised to do.

  3. Regi Kloosterman

    I can’t make a payment to them and have been trying to do so for nearly 24 hours now. We would very much like to use their services but can’t get payment to go through as they are “in the Netherlands” and use stripe… They can’t seem to help and it is very frustrating. Is there anything comparable to Promo?

  4. This is an incredible addition to our website and facebook page. we believe now that people will know we are serious about our service.

  5. Worked as advertised. Easy to use, and the library of videos and music is huge! Pricing is very affordable for our ‘mom and pop’ shop. Some of our friends saw the video on Facebook and thought we paid 10x what we paid for the video. Will definitely use again.

  6. Great product at a great price. Very easy to use.
    Most products fail to mean your expectations in some way, this is not one of those products. 10/10
    I would highly recommend.

  7. Anthony Taverna

    Fantastic easy to use product. On site chat that’s fast and the customer service techs are knowledgeable with the right answers the first time asked which is not the case with other companies I’ve dealt with. These video’s are everything they say they are and makes us seem bigger than we are in the market place. Put that together with the reasonable price and it’s a bigger winner in my book.

  8. Very user friendly. Love being able to create high quality videos on a moment’s notice. Being able to share with other team members before committing to them financially is key as well. Enormous selection of videos. Only request would be 30 second options. Would certainly recommend to others.

  9. Using Promo to advertise my business was one of the best business moves I have made. I could not be happier! It makes advertising so much easier. I have never been good with computers but with Promo I can release amazing advertisements that look as though they were done by a professional. Thank you promo! I am very happy so far 🙂

  10. We just started using this website for marketing purposes and it is incredible! Easy to use and actually a lot of fun as well. The music choices are well beyond that standard corporate style, but there is a category called “Corporate” if that’s what you’re after.

    On the customer service end, they’re great! I needed to edit an already published video and Olena couldn’t have been nicer. Helped me through the whole process and now the video is ready to roll out. Thanks Olena!!!

  11. Slidely Promo can change your professional look overnight. These videos are very easy to make and perfect for small businesses because it doesn’t break the bank. I use these videos on my website, in emails, and best of all.. in my advertising. I’ve only been in business for 6 months and finding Slidely Promo helped take my marketing to the next level. Always looking forward to creating the next video!

  12. I liked what I saw with Promo as soon as I saw it. I thought it was a great way to create the image that would speak to our audience. I was very impressed by their material to work with and was very happy with our final product. But it was their customer service that blew me away. Fast, easy to deal with, and professional. Thanks Promo.

  13. World-class customer service! In addition, video can be created quickly without technical skills — outstanding for business that wants to focus on its product/service instead of videography.

  14. Service is top notch. Immediately you can create videos that give your business or firm a five-star professional look. Reasonably priced to boot, which makes it the total package. Hoping to see them add longer videos in the near future.

  15. So far, for me, Promo has been very useful. I have not had it long enough to see a monetary return however the activity statistics have been promising. I am not experienced at creating marketing videos, so there has been a learning curve. I promoted my first video on several media outlets and had a paid promotion on Facebook. With my first Facebook promotion, I had a 31% increase in Facebook likes. I got better at my second promotion and focused it around a holiday. I had a 54% increase in Facebook likes on my second promotion. Time will tell if the activity increases my income. However, it looks promising.

  16. After reviewing many video sites online, and trying to create a video on a few of them, Promo was the definite winner for ease of use, best (by far) variety of video and music templates, and pricing. My first video went out and was viewed over 8000 times on Facebook in the first few days! I like (and require) the live chat help too. Save yourself the time of checking out the competition. I did that, and Promo was easily the best I could find.

  17. Promo is an excellent tool for targeting your audience. I’m waiting for more functionally so my creative juices can flow even more.
    The support group is the best.
    Go Promo.

  18. What is your phone number? I am not getting a live chat with anyone. My video looks great, but my logo is sideways and I can’t figure out how to fix it! There is no rotation handle to rotate the image.

  19. Thank you Antony, for this post! I had not heard of Promo before, and it really seems to be what I was looking for in terms of making professional-looking videos while not breaking the bank! I am going to try this out and see how this goes.