Travelmate Represents Latest Attempt to Automate, Robotify Your Suitcase

Travelmate Suitcase Robot Represents Latest Attempt to Automate Your Luggage

From a suitcase you can ride known as Modobag to one that follows you loyally called Cowarobot, there is an evolution taking place in the luggage industry. The latest suitcase to incorporate connectivity, motorization and robotics is Travelmate, and it has features that can be very useful for the demanding business traveler.

Travelmate is a fully autonomous suitcase that uses your smartphone and GPS technology to ensure it will always be by your side.  Although it is comparable to the Cowarobot, the technology and mechanics of the Travelmate are much more advanced.

First of all the Travelmate has omni-directional wheels that allow it to travel vertically or horizontally at speeds of up to 6.75 miles per hour. And the battery lasts for an impressive 4.15 hours of autonomous continuous use.

Using 4G/3G and GPS tracking technology, it adjusts dynamically to your speed so it is always by your side or behind you. And unlike the Cowarobot, which has a wristband, the Travelmate is controlled with your smartphone. The app is fully integrated with the suitcase, and it improves through machine learning, making the Travelmate a smart suitcase.

Travelmate Suitcase Robot Represents Latest Attempt to Automate Your Luggage

The Travelmate has some standout features that will really get rid of some of the stresses of business travel. This includes a scale that weighs the suitcase and two USB ports to either charge or directly use your smart mobile devices. Additionally, the unique handle design turns into a portable desk for your laptop or other items.

Travelmate Suitcase Robot - Portable Desk

For all the video bloggers out there, you can attach a 360-degree VR camera to the Travelmate, carry all your gear inside and film hands free.

Travelmate Suitcase Robot Represents Latest Attempt to Automate Your Luggage


The Travelmate starts at $399, $495 and $595 for the small, medium and large size respectively on Indiegogo with six different colors. It will be available by June 2017, but after the campaign, the cost will increase by $50. So if you want to save some money and you like the Travelmate, go here.

Travelmate Suitcase Robot Colors

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  1. You’d better be a hard core traveler to make that kind of investment in a suitcase pay off.

  2. It looks cool. But that runs a risk of someone just suddenly grabbing it in the back. Does it have a security system for that?