Wix Introduces New Blog Templates, New Small Biz Podcast

Wix October 2016 Update Introduces New Blog Templates, New Small Biz Podcast

Creating a website used to be, and still is depending how you create it, an expensive and time consuming process. If you didn’t know the programming language, your only option was to hire someone to do it for you. When Wix came along, it provided a platform where anyone could create a website with minimal effort. Today the company’s platform is even much easier to use as it continues to evolve and add new features and services for its customers. The latest announcement from the company include new blog templates and a new small business podcast. 

A Look at the Wix October 2016 Update

New Blog Templates

Next to having a website, a blog is a tool that is just as useful to deliver your message, promote your business and engage with your customers. And while content is still king, and you will have to write some great articles, your blog has to be just as striking visually.

Wix has created 10 new blog templates covering different subjects with features to address their specific requirement. They include: professional, recipes, business, extreme, personal style, culinary, fashionista, street fashion, the food feed, and traveler blog templates.

The business blog has, according to Wix, a serious and informative structure so it can resemble a business newspaper. The blog has social media icons so readers can subscribe to your blog with a click of a mouse or tap of their smartphone.

Wix October 2016 Update - New Blog Templates

The culinary blog has a structure with different categories and clean design with easy menu access so you can showcase your latest recipes with mouthwatering images.

Wix October 2016 Update - New Blog Templates

The Business Podcast

Wix has been used by millions of small businesses to create their websites. According to the company the new podcast, called “Who, What, Wix” is focused in inspiring small business owners with influencers as they tell their stories of success, as well as failures.

The podcast will have experts across different fields in the future, including marketing professionals, behind the scenes at Wix headquarters and the creative minds of the company.

Currently, there are two podcasts, with the first one welcoming listeners to Who, What, Wix. The second podcast, titled, “Bacon, Beer and Baseball Stadiums – Marketing Events with Kate Levenstien” looks at how Levenstien has made a name for herself by holding events such as “The Bacon and Beer Classic.” She shares tips on how to plan, execute and follow up to make an event successful.

Wix was founded by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan in 2006 after a frustrating experience of trying to build a website. It has more than 90 million users in 100 countries around the world, and it continues to develop new innovations so the process of creating a website can be accomplished by anyone, including the world’s first website-building platform that uses artificial intelligence.

Image: Wix


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  1. Wix is improving its platform eh? I want to see more from them. I don’t want them to stop in just being a website development platform.

  2. Ironically Wix has its own podcast but no podcast widget for me to be able to publish one on my Wix site…

  3. Hi Mandy,
    I found a YouTube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm8I4IX6hio

    I don’t know if that is what you have in mind, but you can give it a go.