X.ai Professional Edition Offers Premium Virtual Assistant Service

X.ai Professional Edition Offers Premium Virtual Assistant Service

After three years of development, x.ai just launched the Professional Edition of its AI personal assistant. By focusing on scheduling meetings, the x.ai platform might have found itself a great niche.

Unlike Alexa, Cortana, Siri and others that help with queries right away, x.ai completes a task from start to finish. Amy and Andrew are the AI assistants that schedule meetings, reply to schedule-related emails and remind you of your meetings.

With x.ai the process begins when you receive a request for a meeting. If you don’t want to deal with it, all you have to do is hand it over to Amy or Andrew. (By the way, they are twins.) You cc the email to Amy or Andrew and he or she corresponds with the other party to find the best time and location based on your schedule and preference. Once the meeting is confirmed, it arrives in your inbox with all the details.

According to the company, Amy and Andrew use everyday English so no one is the wiser an AI is communicating with them.

Availability of the x.ai Professional Edition

The company has three tiers, but the Professional Edition is the only one available so far. At $39 per month, the edition gives you unlimited meetings and the ability to add up to 10 VIP contacts — contacts who can set up meetings with you simply by emailing your virtual assistant. The Business Edition, which will be coming soon, will run you $59 per month. In addition to the features on the Professional Edition, you can add your assistant to your email domain making it appear he or she is part of your team.

There is also a free version, called Personal, that is somewhat stripped down by comparison to the others. But it does lets you schedule up to five meeting every month using the service. However, you need to get on a waiting list for the service and there isn’t an exact timetable for roll out on the website.

The back and forth of scheduling a meeting is time consuming, a luxury small business owners can’t afford. If x.ai delivers as promised, the cost will be more than worth it.

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