20 Business Gifts Under $100

20 2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars

You don’t need a huge budget to purchase business gifts. There are plenty of options out there for under $100 that you clients and/or colleagues would likely love to receive. If you’re looking for some new and unique ideas for business gifts this year, here are some potential options under $100.


2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars

World Coffee Tour Box

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - World Coffee Tour Box

This coffee sampler from Bean Box includes hand picked coffees from around the world. There are 16 bags of premium beans included, along with tasting notes and brewing tips. And you can even add a note to the gift box to really add a personal touch.

Artisanal Tea Brewing Kit

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Artisanal Tea Brewing Kit

If your gift recipient is more of a tea drinker, you can opt for this artisanal brewing kit from Teavana. The kit comes with a few varieties of tea along with a tea maker, spoon and reusable tins.

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Bluetooth Tracking Tag

Losing ones keys is a fairly common issue. But this Bluetooth tracking tag from Uncommon Goods can help solve that issue. It connects with an iOS app and can be attached to keys or other small items that might be likely to go missing.

Amazon Fire TV

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Amazon Fire TVAmazon Fire TV is a streaming media player that supports a number of different video streaming services and more. And it even includes HD quality video and voice controls. It could be a great gift for any entertainment enthusiast.

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter & Glasses

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter & Glasses

For world travelers, whiskey enthusiasts or anyone you think would simply enjoy a really unique gift, this decanter and glass set could be the perfect solution. Etched to look like world maps, the set could make a great addition to any office or home bar.

Smart Herb Garden

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Smart Herb Garden

If anyone on your gift list has a green thumb, or even if they’re not especially known for their gardening prowess, you can get them a simple desktop garden that doesn’t take much experience or expertise. The smart herb garden is one option that your recipients can keep on their desks or even a small counter in their home.

Skullcandy Wireless Headset

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Skullcandy Wireless Headset

Especially with the release of the iPhone 7, wireless headphones are gaining popularity. This headset from Skullcandy offers a full size headset that can connect to devices via Bluetooth. It features on-board controls and a rechargeable battery.

Business Card Holder

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Business Card Holder

For any professional clients or colleagues, a business card holder can make for a simple but unique gift option. This monogrammed business card holder from Kate Spade even allows you to add the recipient’s initial to give it a slightly more personal touch.


2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Mini-Drone

Drones can make for fun and unique gifts if you have any tech enthusiasts on your list. The Parrot MiniDrone is one option you can get for under $100. And it can be customized to carry or attach to different things as well.

Timex Weekender

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Timex Weekender

A simple wristwatch can make for a great business gift. If you’re looking for a simple timepiece under $100, theTimex Weekender is a solid choice. It’s a timeless chronograph with a leather strap that the recipient can change out for a variety of other options.


2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Agenda

Even with all the high-tech calendar apps and planners out there, old-fashioned agendas still have their uses. You can get a unique planner or agenda for clients or members of your team who love the ability to stay organized even when not connected to the internet.

Traveler Map

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Traveler Map

This ready-to-frame traveler map can make a great gift for all the travel enthusiasts on your list. If you want to spend a little more, you can even get it framed or purchase some push pins so that the recipient can map out all the destinations they’ve visited. Or you can just let them customize it however they’d like.


2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Olloclip

For those smartphone photographers, the Olloclip is an advanced lens that connects to a variety of different devices. As long as you know what type of phone or tablet your client or colleague uses for taking photos, you can buy them an Olloclip to give them the ability to take really quality close-up images.

BBQ Tool Set

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - BBQ Tool Set

If you have any barbecue enthusiasts on your gift list, a tool set made specifically for outdoor cooks like this one from Williams-Sonoma can be a great option. It includes a basting mop, fork, slotted spatula and tongs along with a storage case.

Love With Food Subscription Box

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Love With Food Subscription Box

Subscription boxes have gotten fairly popular of the last few years. And they can make for great unique gifts. Love With Food is one option that provides a monthly selection of healthy snacks and also donates to food banks with each purchase.

Laptop Sleeve

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Laptop Sleeve

For any of your clients or colleagues who like to travel or who use laptops for work regularly, you can get them a simple laptop sleeve to help them keep their device protected when they’re on the road or even just heading to a local coffee shop to work.

Bluetooth Speakers

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers can make great gifts for music enthusiasts or those who enjoy entertaining. There are plenty of options out there for under $100, including the model pictured here from Sony, which features a water-resistant design and 12 hours of battery life.

Wine Gift Box

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Wine Gift Box

Wine can serve as a great gift for a variety of different recipients. And you can add a little something extra by purchasing a wine box with personalized details and wine accessories.

Smart Hydration System

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Smart Hydration System

Why just buy a water bottle when you can buy an entire hydration system? This MyHydrate product is a water bottle that includes LED lights to show your progress as you consume water throughout the day, along with a spill-proof top, hands-free clip and more smart features.

Personalized Money Clip

2016 Business Gifts Under 100 Dollars - Personalized Money Clip

If you want to get something personalized for your clients or colleagues, you can opt for something simple but professional like a sterling silver money clip, and then get it engraved with the recipient’s initials for a unique touch.

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