50 Family Small Business Ideas

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Family businesses account for 64 percent of U.S. gross domestic product and generate 62 percent of the country’s employment, according to the Conway Center for Family Business. So starting a family business can be a popular way to make a living. If you’re interested in starting your own family business, take a look at the potential list of family business opportunities below.

Family Business Ideas

Family Restaurant

50 Family Business Ideas - Family Restaurant

Starting a restaurant as a family can be a great business opportunity, since it’s a business that requires multiple people and different skill sets. And family restaurants can really appeal to people in the local community.

Family Band

If the members of your family are musically inclined, you can start a band together and play at local venues or events or even go on tours.

Family Blog

Blogging is a great business opportunity for people in all kinds of different niches. So you can start a blog with your family about different family activities or other things that interest you.

Local Newspaper

Or you could start a newspaper or other print publication aimed at people in your local area that all the members of your family can contribute to.

Niche Website

You can also start a website in a specific niche that offers information or provides a forum for people to communicate with one another. And you can charge a membership fee or make money through ads or affiliate links.


50 Family Business Ideas - Farm

If you have access to land and other resources, family farming can be a very viable business opportunity.

Contracting Business

You can also start a general contracting business where you do home repairs and remodeling projects with family members. Or you can even have some family members run the business side while others focus on the actual contracting work.

Home Rental Business

If you have a few different homes or properties, or the resources to purchase them, you can start a family business by renting out those homes to others.


For those who want to start a food based business, catering can also be a viable business opportunity that requires many different skills so each member of the family can contribute in their own way.


Or you can start a bakery where you sell individual baked goods or even do custom desserts for clients or special events.

Landscaping Business

For those who enjoy spending time outside, you can start a family business where you provide landscaping design or maintenance services to people in your community.

Lawn Care Service

Or you could choose to keep it simply and just start a lawn care service where you mow lawns weekly or on a regular basis in exchange for a regular fee.

Local Store

50 Family Business Ideas - Local Store

You can also start a retail store in your local community where you can sell anything from electronics to clothing.

Cleaning Business

Cleaning is another potential business opportunity for families. You can offer your services on a weekly or monthly basis to homeowners or business owners in your area.

Event Planning Business

Event planning can also be a good family business idea. Each member of your family can focus on different events or each person could have different areas of expertise so you can collaborate on each event together.

Web Design Service

If you have some web savvy family members, you can start a web design business where you help business clients create designs they love.

Child Care Service

You could also start an in-home day care business with members of your family where you provide child care services for clients.

Portrait Photography Business

If at least one member of your family is a skilled photographer, you can start a portrait studio where you take family photos, senior pictures or even pet photos. And other members of the family can focus on the other aspects of running the business.

Pet Grooming Business

For those families who love spending time with furry friends, pet grooming can be a great business opportunity that the whole family can help with.

Dog Walking Business

50 Family Business Ideas - Dog Walking

You can also start a dog walking business where each member of your family can build up their own client base or some family members can focus on running the business while others actually provide the dog walking services.

Animal Training Business

Or you could start a training school where people can bring their dogs or other pets to learn tricks or correct behavioral issues.

Book Publishing Business

There are so many authors out there looking to get their work published. So you can start a family publishing business where you choose books and bring them to market for independent authors.

eBook Writing Business

Or you could write your own book as a family and publish it yourselves as an ebook.

App Development Business

For tech savvy families, app development can be a great way to start a business together. You can come up with your own idea for an app or work on creating apps for clients.

Online Course Business

You could also start a business selling online courses about specific topics where you have some expertise.

Tour Guide Services

If your local community is popular with tourists, you could offer tour guide services to visitors looking to explore and learn more about the area.

Bed and Breakfast

50 Family Business Ideas - Bed and Breakfast

You could also start a bed and breakfast if you have a large home or the resources to procure a suitable location for guests.


For those who love working with flowers, you can start a florist business with the members of your family.

Plant Nursery

You could also focus on growing and selling other types of plants by opening your own plant nursery business.

Christmas Tree Farm

Or if you have a lot of room to work with, you can even grow your own evergreen trees and start a Christmas tree farm that people can get trees from over the holidays.

Petting Zoo

Families with farm land can also set up a petting zoo that people can visit to pet various farm animals.

Apple Orchard

Apple orchards can also be a fun place for people to visit. So you can start a family apple orchard business that charges admission or sells a variety of different apple products.

Corn Maze Business

Or you could create a corn maze on your property and charge visitors admission or even host special events.

Craft Fair Vendor

For creative families, there are a variety of different craft items you can make and sell. And craft fairs offer a great place for you to get your products in front of handmade buyers.

Flea Market Vendor

Flea markets can also be great places to sell handmade or second hand products to consumers. And you can even have the whole family put together and run the booth.

Farmers Market Vendor

In addition, if you sell any type of food products, you can sign up for a booth at a local farmers’ market.

Ecommerce Reseller

If you’d rather run an online busness, you can build a business by purchasing and reselling products on ecommerce platforms like eBay and Amazon.

Vacation Rental Business

For families that have a few different properties, you can rent out spaces to vacationers using services like Airbnb or even starting your own site.

Tutoring Service

Families can also build a business by offering tutoring services in various subjects to students.

Errand Service

You can also offer to run various errands for clients in your area, including laundry, grocery shopping and more. And you can even have different family members that specialize in different areas.

Interior Design Service

Design savvy families can also start a business offering interior design services, which can require people with several different skill sets.

Home Staging Business

You can also start a business that offers home staging services for consumers who are getting ready to sell or rent their homes.

Seasonal Decorating Business

Or you could focus on helping homeowners or even local business owners decorate their spaces for the holidays.

Alterations Service

You could also start a tailoring or clothing alterations business where customers bring in their clothing and other garments to be altered.

Antique Store

If you want to open a brick and mortar store, you can open an antique store or mall in your community and have your family help you operate all the different aspects of the business.

Heating and Cooling Business

For those who have the education and training, you can start a business where you offer repair services for people’s heating and cooling units.

Car Wash

You can also start a car wash business in your community either by opening your own location or traveling to customers to provide detailing services.

House Flipping Business

If you have the resources to purchase and fix up properties, you can start a business flipping and selling homes in your area.

Pool Cleaning Service

You can also provide pool cleaning services for local homeowners during the summer months.

Moving Service

Or you could start a packing and moving service. You can have the whole family actually help with the moving, or some can run the business aspects while others provide the services.

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    • I feel like it depends on the family, if your family is more strict i do not think its a great idea, but if your doing it with a more chill family but still responsible, i think it is a great idea it could be a way to bring your family relationships closer.

    • I think the most important thing is to make sure you all have your own roles and respect each other for it.

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